OFF-TOPIC: 10 Songs & Videos to Get You in a Party & Clubbing Mood

Are planning to spend the rest of the day at some clubs but your lack of motivation is keeping you at home right now? In this case, we have good news for you because we know how you can gain back your party mood!
Below you can find ten video suggestions preparing you for a night full of fun! Whether you love to rock out on the dancefloor or you prefer to just sit at the bar with a glass of beer in your hands, there are some songs for every kind of party person in this list! And as always, those are just a few examples taken from the huge pool of tracks by visual bands, so feel free to add more recommendations in the comments!

1. FoLLoW - Music Garden

First of all you need some happiness and positivity to require an urge to leave the house tonight! FoLLoW's song Music Garden combined with the video is the best way to achieve this goal! However, let's try to forget for a moment that they disbanded last year...

2. Sick² - CLUBSICK

You're still not feeling it? Okay, here is another one: Sick²'s CLUBSICK! Despite the title of the song, please hang in there and try not to get sick...

3. 姫苺 (hime ichigo) - sherry?

Alright, so you are more the kind of person to sit in a cosy chair while quietly watching the other guests? Don't worry, we have the perfect songs for you too, for example sherry? by 姫苺 (hime ichigo)! In comparison to the other two suggestions by FoLLoW and Sick², this one is also a little more jazzy and cool, so everyone who isn't really into electronic disco tunes should definitely go with their track!

4. R指定 (R-shitei) - 魅惑のサマーキラーズ (miwaku no summer killers)

Literally, this one is a killer tune and it teaches us to carefully think about what we're doing when alcohol is involved. Let's keep this message of the video in mind while enjoying this latest single by R指定 (R-shitei)!

5. Purple Stone - パニックパニック! (Panic panic!)

Now it's time to learn the first dance moves! In their video for パニックパニック! (Panic panic!) Purple Stone are giving you some great ideas to conquer the floor! Even though all moves are more fitting for Halloween parties, we're convinced you'll find a way to use them anytime and anywhere!

6. ビバラッシュ (vivarush) - マドモアゼル (mademoiselle)

You hate crowded and sticky clubs and prefer to party outside at pools and at the beach? No problem, ビバラッシュ (vivarush) to the rescue! マドモアゼル (mademoiselle) is the perfect track to prepare you for all kinds of celebrations in the summer heat!

7. Dir En Grey - [KR] Cube

If you're aiming to have a night full of action and adventure, [KR] Cube by Dir En Grey is your best choice! The song itself is fitting for everyone who likes to keep on sitting at the bar with a drink rather than dancing and rocking out. The video on the other hand somewhat looks like Tarantino got a script for another Matrix movie which he's shooting in a goth/fetish club in Shinjuku, so you can imagine a lot of crazy stuff is happening.

8. カメレオ (kameleo) - デビルくん (devil-kun)

カメレオ (kameleo) have many songs which are great for your clubbing preparation! Thus, デビルくん (devil-kun) is just one example you should definitely listen to!


You prefer your party songs to be fast, gloomy, rocking and not lacking the disco feeling? Here is REIGN's CLUB BUNNY! And they even teach you more dance moves in the video!

10. ゴールデンボンバー (golden bomber) - Dance My Generation

Okay, now here is the ultimate guide to become the king or queen of the dancefloor! If you're able to master all those moves, you're absolutely unbeatable and the night is yours! ゴールデンボンバー (golden bomber) are showing you how it's done in their Dance My Generation music video!

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