MORRIGAN Touring Europe in November 2017!

At the end of the year one more amazing visual band is going to rock several European stages!
Today it was announced that MORRIGAN will be touring the continent in November 2017!
For those upcoming events V STAR PROMOTION are teaming up with Kinetic Vibe. Since it's a very recent announcement, there aren't more details yet.
However, we will definitely keep you updated when all dates are available!

Meanwhile, why don't you check out some of MORRIGAN's videos to get into the right mood?

Source: V STAR PROMOTION Twitter
Video Source: MORRIGAN OFFICIAL @Youtube
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  1. I hope that their tour will open new ways of entertainment lovers. Thanks for sharing the update about their tour.

  2. Ohhhh, hope than at the next tour they will visit my town!

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