GreeΣ - Releasing Two New Singles

GreeΣ has announced that they will be releasing two month consecutive live limited singles!

These new singles are titled 諦めフィロソフィヰ (Akirame Philosophy) and だから嫌いなんだ、雨なんて (Dakara Kirainanda, Ame Nante) and will be released on July 12th and August 4th, 2017.

Here are more details for these new singles:

諦めフィロソフィヰ (Akirame Philosophy) (1000Yen)


01. 諦めフィロソフィヰ (Akirame Philosophy)
02. フェイク (Fake)

だから嫌いなんだ、雨なんて (Dakara Kirainanda, Ame Nante) (1000Yen)


01. だから嫌いなんだ、雨なんて。 (Dakara Kirainanda, Ame Nante.)
02. 路地裏と少年 (Rojiura to Shounen)

Source: OHP
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