RAINDIA - New Single and Mini Album Details + "蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)" Full MV

As we previously mentioned RAINDIA will release their new single "雨ニ、スピーカー (ame ni, speaker)", and mini album 人間失格 (ningen shikkaku) on May 31st! Below you can find the tracklist for both releases, as well as the MV for "蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)".

New Single 
 Limited Edition
[CD] -2000 yen+tax
1. 蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo) 
2. SA・KU・RA・N 

"蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)" (MV)
"蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)" (MV "each member ver".)
"蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)" (MV Documentary)

Regular Edition
[CD] 1500 yen+tax
1. 蒼イ林檎" (Aoi Ringo)
3. 美しき裏切り

New Mini Album
[CD] -2800 yen+tax
1. 紫餡ノ百合籠 
2. < 骰 / 骰 > 
3. たんぽぽ畑 
4. 秋入梅 
5. 後悔謝罪嗚呼融解 
6. 排他的被虐人形

Source: OHP
Video Source: Youtube RAINDIA @YouTube

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