LIVE REPORT: MeteoroiD Last Live @ Shibuya Rex

MeteoroiD held their last live at Shibuya REX on February 11th. The live began with the music thumping overhead as the crowd screamed “Osouji Shimasho! (let’s clean it up!)” from their latest single “Heisei no "Yami" wo Osouji Shimashou”. They clapped along in time to the beat as the band members all came out on stage and began getting the crowd fired up.

They began with “GEMINI” and the audience immediately responded with cheers to the nostalgic song. They continued with “Ballerina”, another fan favorite from their previous “green” era. The crowd could barely wait to let loose and spin like crazy during the chorus. Genki stood on top of the platform directing the crowd left and right while raL pressed up to the mic screaming excitedly and urging everyone to go wilder. They had just gotten started and the energy was nowhere near peak levels as of yet.

There was a short pause and the crowd filled the silence with their screams and cheers. Genki took a moment to thank the crowd for showing up and assured them that “even on a day like this”, they would go all out. As long as they had the smiles from the fans, that was enough.

“chocolate” was next and it kept the fans in a frenzy going back and forth as the band produced heavy riffs and solid beats on stage. “Doukoku no Ma” followed immediately after, shifting the sound to MeteoroiD’s darker era. This song required full participation and the fans delivered. They were in perfect sync with furitsuke and then got down on the ground, miming prostrating themselves and praying before the stage.

They continued with “Torikago No Sarasouju Ha Shika No Hana” then “Myaku Dokei”. It opened as always with the ominous sound of a ticking clock as the band stood quietly in foggy green light. Then the instruments kicked in and the crowd began headbanging.

MeteoroiD kept the crowd going wild with songs that encouraged lots of headbanging and kept the atmosphere in the venue lively. Green lights signaled the jump back to older songs and the crowd shuffled impatiently as nature sounds played overhead. It was the start of “Ibarahime” and the band members moved towards the edge of the stage, spurring on the jumping crowd. Tomoya’s drumming and raL’s bass playing were particularly prominent during this number.

“Yomi no Kaze” stilled the room and the band put their focus into their playing to match with Genki’s vocals which were particularly strong here. “Otogirisou” had the crowd moving again. Genki held a fan in one hand and used it to direct the crowd left and right. The fans were also waving fans and the atmosphere was extremely fun. Mikado took the platform for his wailing solo as the other members moved around making use of the stage. “Menhera Rondo” was next then they had another pause. Genki mentioned that they were filming for the final DVD and petitioned the crowd not to hold back.

“Little boy” was next after the break then “Kanojou wa Psychopath”. The stage was lit with pretty blue and purple lights and there were more noticeable vocal inflections in Genki’s singing.

Then Genki shouted to the crowd, “Let's have a festival!” and the catchy intro of “Sekai wa Watashi wo Kiratteru” began. Everyone in the crowd was dancing and Genki went to Machi and then Mikado, getting them to dance as well. Then there was an almost jarring switch to “Haitokusha ni Keirei wo”. The crowd took it in stride however and the mood immediately darkened. Everyone raised their hands in salute and tossed their heads in a circle in time to the heavy guitar riffs. This part of the performance was always impressive to witness.

Before the next song, the band engaged the crowd in a call and response to get their energy up. Then the words “wake up wake up” began playing over the speakers and everyone immediately shrieked in excitement. “STARGAZER” was the perfect crowd pleaser and the atmosphere was tons of fun. Towards the last part of the song, everyone in the audience held hands and swayed together to the music.

The final song was “Kono Ai wo Tebanaseba Jiyuu Darou” accompanied by frantically waving towels and bright flashing lights.

The band left the stage and with this being their last concert, it was only natural for the crowd to scream for more. The band returned and decided to spend some time chatting with the fans. Genki was at a loss for words so he passed the mic to Mikado.

Mikado thanked everyone for coming and for cheering them on. He said that even though his time in MeteoroiD had been short, he had definitely grown as a person. Next was raL who thanked everyone again and got choked up talking about all the fun he’s had at lives. This caused Machi to break down and he cried while thanking everyone for 4 years of support.

Next it was Tomoya who managed to break the tension and get everyone laughing with a well-placed joke. He said that more than anything he was just really thankful that everyone showed up.

It was back to Genki now who confessed that the thought of not being able to sing on stage with the other members was a bit unbelievable. He also thought that if they ever had to do a breakup live, it would’ve been at a bigger venue. In the end though, performing at Shibuya Rex was just right for MeteoroiD.

“I believe that the songs we made can leave an impression in everyone’s hearts.”

With that, they resumed the live with “Eden no Sono”. The room was hushed and you could tell that the band were pouring their final feelings of gratitude into their performance. They broke the stillness with “Ice world” and then the venue came to life again with “Dracula”. Everyone waved towels again and jumped along.

Not satisfied with the crowd’s enthusiasm, the members led round after round of call and responses, urging the room to pump their fists, headband and scream as loud as possible. With that energy, they transitioned smoothly into “DIVER” and ended the encore.

They were called out a second time and kicked off with the always fun “DOKU SOW”. As always, raL sang the first couple lines with his trademark hyper energy before Genki took over. “Mr. Famous” had everyone running back and forth across the venue, guided by the members standing at the edge of the stage. They followed with “Anticlockwise no Shinzou” and then “racrimosa”, turning the atmosphere dark and heavy again. The crowd was going all out, headbanging and yelling defiantly.

“Noroi Ya” was an untamed frenzy of headbanging and moshing to the heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums. The band and the fans kept pace with each other, going again and again and again.

The final song of the night was “Heisei no "Yami" wo Osouji Shimashou.” The combination of everyone’s voices singing the chorus made for just the right ending.

With that MeteoroiD had come to an end. They band took a final photo with the fans and each member said their last thank you’s and goodbye’s.

Machi said that this counted as MeteoroiD’s graduation and all in all, it was a good thing. raL gave a resounding “THANK YOU”. Mikado told everyone to watch the DVD because he made a mistake in one of his solos. Tomoya admitted that despite his silly demeanor on stage, he’s actually been one of the people thinking about the future of the band the most. He thanked everyone again then Genki continued with more thanks.

Finally, Machi asked everyone to call their favorite member one last time and the venue erupted with screams and shouts.



  3. chocolate
  4. 慟哭の間 (Doukoku no Aida)
  5. 鳥籠ノ沙羅双樹ハ死華ノ花 (Torikago No Sarasouju Ha Shika No Hana)
  6. 脈時計 (Myaku Dokei)
  7. タランチュラ (Tarantula)
  8. いばら姫 (Ibarahime)
  9. 黄泉の風 (Yomi no Kaze)
  10. オトギリソウ (Otogirisou)
  11. めんへら輪舞曲 (Menhera Rondo)
  12. リトルボーイ (Little Boy)
  13. 彼女はサイコパス (Kanojou wa Psychopath)
  14. 世界は私を嫌ってる (Sekai wa Watashi wo Kiratteru)
  15. 背徳者に敬礼を (Haitokusha ni Keirei wo)
  17. この愛を手放せば自由だろう (Kono Ai wo Tebanaseba Jiyuu Darou)


  1. エデンの園 (Eden no Sono)
  2. Ice world
  3. ドラキュラ (Dracula)
  4. DIVER

Encore 2

  2. Mr. Famous
  3. Anticlockwiseの心臓 (Anticlockwise no Shinzou)
  4. racrimosa
  5. 呪殺 (Noroi Ya)
  6. 平成の“ヤミ”をお掃除しましょう。(Heisei no "Yami" wo Osouji Shimashou.)
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