Update on LONDBOY Guitarist Rio's Arrest

As we reported earlier, LONDBOY guitarist りお (Rio) has been arrested on April 11th.
He has already been released shortly afterwards and statements on his personal and the band's blog have been published explaining what happened:
Before his arrest, he ended his relationship with the girl involved in the case. Since she then spreaded private content like photos and LINE conversations of both of them on the internet he went to the police where it has been discovered that she's underaged. Rio however didn't know her real age because she showed him a wrong ID.
He's apologizing to all of his fans for what happened and hopes there won't be a bad image of LONDBOY now because of a personal mistake he did. Moreover, he won't be returning to stage for a while now but he may resumes his activities as member of the band sooner or later.

Source: Official Band Blog, Rio's Blog
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