OFF-TOPIC: 10 Dramatic Music Videos That Will Make You Cry

Put on some waterproof makeup and get your tissues ready! You will definitely need all of that if sad stories and songs make you cry easily because that's today's (off-)topic! And should you be in a very good mood right now, we also recommend you to check back later.

There are plenty of heartbreaking music videos out there, so we decided to put together a list with ten examples! The criteria for all of them: A dramatic plot or back story, so clips with only the song being sad don't count.
As always, those are just a few examples, so if you can think of more, feel free to leave a comment below or tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr! Maybe there is going to be a part two in the future too, so stay tuned!
We'd also like to know which video you think is the most heartbreaking one, so please let us know!

Note: The additional comments below each video or photo may contain spoilers, so please don't read them if you don't want to know what's happening!

1. Acid Black Cherry - イエス (yes)

Let's start with Acid Black Cherry's イエス (yes)! Sounds like a positive title at first, nevertheless the story of this video is rather dramatic: A sick little girl enters a place between life and death. She meets vocalist Yasu who has to escort her to the gate leading to the world of death. But can he really let her go? Watch it and find out what's happening!

2. heidi. - 恋愛リマインド (renai remind)

heidi.'s music video of 恋愛リマインド (renai remind) is all about a wonderful friendship between two girls and since they decided to mainly focus on the story the band isn't even appearing. It's perfect for watching it together with your bestie, so better call your friend now! But remember, you should definitely bring tissues!

3. DELUHI - s[K]ape:goat

And we're travelling back to 2009 and take a look and DELUHI's s[K]ape:goat music video! What could have happened when your boyfriend doesn't pick up the phone? Well, the band is showing you the worst-case scenario...

4. SuG - 桜雨 (sakura ame)

They seem like the perfect couple, but when looking behind the scenes...
SuG's 桜雨 (sakura ame) music video is about domestic violence. A serious topic which they depicted in a very artistic way. Nonetheless the depressing and sad atmosphere remains...

5. R指定 (R-shitei) - スーサイドメモリーズ (suicide memories)

Unfortunately, a lot of people experienced or still experience mobbing. Many severe cases also get the media's attention, especially when the victim doesn't see another way to escape bullying but to commit suicide.
In R-shitei's スーサイドメモリーズ (suicide memories) music video a young school girl is stuck in such a terrible situation and as the title already suggests, killing herself is definitely an option for her...

6. DADAROMA - 造花とカラシニコフ (zouka to kalashnikov)

Two people in love shortly before atomic bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Everything already hints at a very heartbreaking story for DADAROMA's 造花とカラシニコフ (zouka to kalashnikov). And indeed, it is, so better mentally prepare before watching...

7. Versailles - Serenade

Everything that happens in the video isn't all too sad actually, but when knowing what the song is about it's extremly hard to watch without crying...
Versailles dedicated Serenade to bassist Jasmine You who passed away in 2009. In the MV all members wander around in a huge mansion seemingly feeling like someone is watching them, but they never see a fifth person...

8. ユナイト (UNiTE.) - ハートレス クラシックメモリー (heartless classic memory)

When you meet a person you like but never see him or her again...
ハートレス クラシックメモリー (heartless classic memory) of ユナイト (UNiTE.) is about chances we missed and things that can't be undone. It's something all of us have already experienced in one way or another and it's always a terrible feeling...

9. ザアザア (xaa xaa) - 余命 (yomei)

It's a very popular storyline you can find in several Asian dramas: A young couple in love but one of them suddenly falls terribly ill...
Nevertheless it's always incredibly sad to watch, just like in this music video of ザアザア (xaa xaa).

10. SCAPEGOAT - 告白_時々、雨 (kokuhaku _ tokidoki, ame)

SCAPEGOAT tend to have very violent music videos. It's the same for 告白_時々、雨 (kokuhaku _ tokidoki, ame), but at the same time it's also extremly heartbreaking...
A girl celebrates her 16th birthday. Unfortunately, all happiness is suddenly destroyed when the family gets a call from the police...

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