We are back with the second half of our report! THE ORAL CIGARETTES is no stranger to Singapore, having performed here 3 years ago. They are a band consisting of Yamanaka Takuya (Vo./Gt.), Akirakani Akira (Ba./Cho.), Suzuki Shigenobu (Gt.) and Nakanishi Nasaya (Dr.).

Having seen the trailer of THE ORAL CIGARETTES from the main screen, I have high expectations for their upcoming performance. They lit up the stage with their mere words "What's up Singapore?!". The crowd literally went wild with their appearance. Without much ado, they then began their first number, "Kyouran Hey Kids!!" Jumping to the beat of this song is a definite. The opening atmosphere was really great from them. Not a single bit of disappointment!

Takuya (Vo.)
They then introduced themselves loudly with "WE ARE THE ORAL CIGARETTES!" before jamming off to next song, "CATCH ME"! I realised a common point in their songs at this point; they give one the vibes to dance to the song for some reason. If you are not, people might find you a spoilsport! This point was further proven with their next number "Kantannakoto"! Takuya's voice is simply appealing too. They then spent some time interacting with the audience, speaking about their experience 3 years ago and was really glad to be here again. They showed their deep appreciation before moving on to the next number, "DIP-BAP".

This song was probably their highlight because of the "uh-oh- uh-oh-oh" parts because it really made the crowd hum to it too. The rhythm of this song is also unique. A song that I can keep playing all day without getting tired of it. Also, I would really give the best crowd interaction to this band without question. The next song which was described as "最高(Best)" by them, "Mr PHANTOM", really fits this title. Which then smoothly transited then to "KISHIKAISEI STORY".

(L to R) Akira (Ba.), Takuya (Vo.), Shigenobu (Gt.)
A quick break before once again expressing their heartfelt thanks to being able to perform here and really hope to be back again - the last song "5150" really suits this scenario. Singapore also wishes that they can have more opportunities to perform here! I commend them for bringing us this great setlist on this day. A thank you from them with endless screams from the crowd. Looks like the crowd will deeply await their return!

1. Kyouran Hey Kids!!
3.  Kantannakoto
7. 5150

Once again, there was a transition before we get to the final band, which was Frederic! Frederic is a band consisting of Kenji Mihara (Vo./Gt.), Koji Mihara (Vo./Ba.) and Ryuji Akagashira (Gt.). If you have noticed, Kenji and Koji are twin brothers which made this band more interesting than any other! 

Their rather light entrance gave a different feel from the previous 3 bands. They then began off with 3 simple words. "Frederic, Singapore, Start." That was rather interesting which then sparked off the first number, "Rererepeat"! A simple song that once one hears it, one can probably learn it instantly and sing along to it without any prior knowledge in Japanese. Being one with a moderate understanding of the Japanese language, I find this song a rather lovely song. 

They proceeded to the next song, "KITAKU BEATS". Frederic may give a much more simple feel in their performance but they definitely do not lose out because their music abilities are simply amazing.  Following on was "Night Step" and then "Owarase Night". I definitely have to talk about "Owarase Night" because there was a very sleek inclusion of English and Chinese into the song itself. At one point it goes "一、二、三、四(One, Two, Three, Four)x2" and then it suddenly changed to "One, Two, Three, Four, Yi, Er, San, Si) for the next time. Surely something cool to have! It also brings the band closer to the local

(L to R) Kenji (Vo./Gt.), Koji (Vo./Ba.)
One thing I noticed whilst among the crowd was that they received support from Takuya and Akira from The Oral Cigarettes as they enjoyed some beer while watching their performance. This bond between bands is what people enjoy seeing. We then have "Oddloop" together with "Only Wonder" to end off their segment... or not? Obviously, being the last band to perform, they have to face one last challenge. That is also known as the encore!

The crowd immediately chant off encore when they moved backstage and in just a few moments, they came back. They then asked the crowd if they speak Japanese. Obviously the ever cooperative crowd responsed excitedly and then they replied back with "日本からきました (We come from Japan)”. Following with asking in English, which replied with "We are Frederic from Japan." and then the final one which was in Chinese with "我們是來自日本的Frederic". It was touching that they bothered to even learn the Chinese way of saying! It does not end there as they bring along their last number, "Hello Goodbye"!
Ryuji (Gt.)

1. Rererepeat
3. Night Step
4. Owarase Night
5. Oddloop
6. Only Wonder

1. Hello Goodbye

In conclusion, this whole gig was definitely a success, and money well spent to listen to these 4 amazing bands. Of course, things can never be perfect as the transitions between each band could definitely be faster. Furthermore, we would like to give our appreciation to Amuse Inc. Asia for this amazing event and we definitely hope to see more of it in future! Special thanks to also Viola for the amazing photographs. 

Photo Credits: Viola Kam (V'z Twinkle)
Special Thanks: Amuse Inc. Asia

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