Introducing: ヴァージュ (virge) + 1st Mini-Album Release!

And here is another interesting band to look forward to!
Former メディーナ (mediena) vocalist 遼 (ryo) as well as ex.MALISEND members guitarist 紫月 (sizuki) and bassist 沁 (shin) formed a new band called ヴァージュ (virge)!
They are about to debut this year and are already going to release their first mini-album UTOPIA on May 3rd. It comes with six tracks for 2200 yen. Samples have been uploaded too so please scroll down to watch their video!

1.琥珀 (kohaku)
2.恨ミ言 (uramigoto)
3.夜明け、灰色の呼吸 (
yoake, haiiro no kokyuu)
4.ボクノ悪イ癖 (boku no warui kuse)
5.蓮華 (renge)
6.ユートピア (utopia)

Members are:

Vocalist 遼 (ryo)

Guitarist  紫月 (sizuki)

Bassist 沁 (shin)

ヴァージュ OHP
ヴァージュ Official Twitter
ヴァージュ Official Youtube Channel
ヴァージュ Official Ameba

Source: OHP
Video Source: official ヴァージュ @Youtube
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