Introducing: ジャルダン (Jaldan) + Teaser

I hope everyone is excited to meet the newly formed band ジャルダン (Jaldan)!
ジャルダン (Jaldan) will hold their first live at Shinsaibashi Soma on May 17th, 2017.

Here are some details on the members:

                                                                 Vocalist キッド (Kid)
                                                                   Twitter: SECRET

                                                                 Guitarist  リゼ (Rize)
                                                                   Twitter: SECRET

                                                              Bassist クロノ (Kurono)
                                                                  Twitter: SECRET

                                                             Drummer  カイト (Kaito)
                                                                  Twitter: SECRET

The band also uploaded a pre-release teaser! Please check it out below:

You can also visit and follow the bands social media here:

Official Twitter
Official Youtube
Official LINE:

Source: V STAR PROMOTION, OHP, Jaldan Official Youtube
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