Introducing: DIMLIM + 1st Mini-Album Release & Full MV Uploaded

Any fans of D.I.D. and Deviloof reading this?
Then you clicked on the right post! DIMLIM are a new band formed this year. They will be holding their first one-man live on June 3rd at Ikebukuro Black Hole.
Especially two of their members are fairly well-known: Former Deviloof guitarist Ryuya and drummer Issei of D.I.D.!
You can follow all members, except for their vocalist, here:

Vocalist 聖 (Sho)

Guitarist 竜弥 (Ryuya)

Guitarist 烈 (Retsu)

Bassist 翼 (Tsubasa)
Instagram / Twitter

Drummer 壱世 (Issei)
Instagram / Twitter

On June 3rd you can also get their first release! Mini-album VARIOUS comes for 2000 yen with six tracks:

1. アハレワタ (aharewata)
3. destroy a desire
4. メンタルヘルスダンス (mental health dance)
5. Regret
6. 『初潮』 (shochou)

Moreover, a violent first music video of their song アハレワタ (aharewata) has been uploaded already, so check it out!

Source: OHP, Members' Twitter Accounts
Video Source: DIMLIM_OFFICIAL @Youtube
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