Hiro & Yoshi (Twins☆) Appearing in Upcoming Movie "帝一の國 (Teiichi no Kuni)"!

Get your popcorn ready because an interesting movie is about to premier in Japanese cinemas!
帝一の國 (Teiichi no Kuni), based on the manga series by Usamura Furuya, will get a live-action version on April 29th with actor Masaki Suda in the leading role!
Those aren't just good news for manga fans but also for everyone following Twins☆, former V-last. members Hiro and Yoshi's new band! Both of them will be appearing in the movie playing the roles of Shuuichirou Mori and Shuujirou Mori.
On their official twitter account they are already posting pictures taken during the production, so take a look here.

Moreover, a trailer has been uploaded too:

Teiichi Akaba wants to be prime minister one day and thus trys to become student council president at his male high school first since he will have many advantages later when he's getting job thanks to this position. Of course, all of this is easier said than done...

Source: Asianwiki, Twins☆ Official Twitter
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