It is officially the 30th of April all around the world and NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO has finally revealed itself with its 2017 Spring Collection called "MODULATINGINTRODUCTION"! Not only did they produce a Look Book to entice you, but they also brought out a very nice trailer with original music, as well. Looks like Ruki, of the GazettE and brand creator, put a lot of thought into it because the outcome is amazing!

Here's some of the pictures with the models:
All visuals in the trailer, pictures and music are are presented with something reminiscent of the 70's with a tumblr-esque mood, don't you think?

Here's a google translation of what this collection is about:
It is also the theme of this time [MODULATINGINTRODUCTION = Introduction of transposition] The moment at which the mental changes existing in various scenes and the moment when the environment changes will be regarded as "transposition" from the musical point of view, and the moment of switching to OFF TIME in the lifestyle is strikingly directed 1ST collection that was conscious of doing.
While there's nothing for sale at the moment, they did put up what products are going to be sold and when, here:

     From what I understand and heard, this brand (unlike RAD MARKET) will be focusing outside their life as a band. RAD MARKET is the brand that releases the goods that are in line with their promotions as the GazettE. NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO symbolizes as what Ruki says to be his off-time as a performer at home, where he is relaxed being himself while creating music. I totally understand the concept as they not only a have a home-y feel to it, but the products seems to say so themselves. And, obviously, asides from clothing that is usually produced, we will finally be able to have scents and bath salts, too! Imagine smelling exactly like how Ruki wanted you to, exciting huh?! I'm looking forward to getting me some of that myself! More exciting news? This is just ACT 1... meaning there is more to come! Hurrah! I honestly think that Ruki did not disappoint. What do you think? What are you looking forward to?

Check out the rest of the collection on their website.

Thanks for reading!
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