cali≠gari to Release New Full Album + "トイレでGO! (toilet de GO!)" MV Preview

This year there will be a very important date for cali≠gari since they are celebrating their 15th anniversary after their major debut!
For this special occasion they prepared something great for their fans: A new full album!
13 is its title and it will be available on May 10th. You can choose between two different types: A limited edition for 6000 yen including a Blu-ray with scene recordings of 13 and an off-shot video. It also comes with a cover art drawn by manga artist Mineo Maya. You can buy it here from CDJapan. For 3000 yen you can get the regular edition coming with CD only. CDJapan is selling it too, so click here if you want to pre-order it.


1. 0’13" Ⅰ
2. ゼロサムゲーム (zero sum game)
3. トカゲのロミオ (tokage no romio)
4. 汚れた夜 (kegareta yoru)
5. トイレでGO! (toilet de GO!)
6. 色悪 (iroaku)
7. 0’13" Ⅱ
8. 三文情死エキストラ (sanmon joushi extra)
9. 一切を乱暴に (issai o ranbou ni)
10. ファニソン (funny zone)
11. 落花枝に帰らず破鏡再び照らさず (rakka eda ni kaerazu hakyou futatabi

12. 0’13"  Ⅲ
13. 深夜、貨物ヤード裏の埠頭からコンビナートを眺めていた (
shinya, kamotsu yado ura no futou kara konbinato o nagamete ita)

Moreover, you can download their song 汚れた夜 (kegareta yoru) on April 13th for 251 yen! It's a different version than the one included on their album, so it'll definitely be worth it to get this one too!

There is also a music video preview of トイレでGO! (toilet de GO!), so check it out:

Source: OHP
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