REVIEW: MUCC - Myakuhaku

This year marks an enormous achievement for our boys in MUCC! They are currently celebrating a 20 year career involving many different albums featuring various rock genres infused with electronic and jazz influences by releasing their 13th album, Myakuhaku. Our European fans and readers should know that when purchasing a physical copy of the album you have a chance of finding a lottery ticket which can be used to redeem an autographed poster!

A gorgeous addition to anyone's collection, no?

1. Myakuhaku
2. Zettaizetsumei
3. Classic
4. Killer
5. Billy X2 Entwines Rock Stars
6. Ringo
7. EMP
8. Yueni Matenrou (Album Mix)
9. Himitsu
10. Commune
11. Wasurenagusa
12. Sirius
13. Fuka
14. Heide

As mentioned above, the band has spent a lot of time experimenting with various subgenres of rock ranging from hardcore to dance/rock and everywhere in between. This album seems to almost be a celebration of their transient nature when it comes to producing music. The first song and title track of the album is definitely more towards the heavy side. Fans of their most recent works are really going to appreciate this track's rhythm, power, and stunning melody. Following up "Myakuhaku" is the very punk-alternative "Zettaizetsumei." The most interesting part of this track is how it flows between verses and has a hook comprised of sing-talk and screaming.

One of the tracks with a wider range of appeal was used as one of the album's singles. "Classic" may not be anything overtly special in terms of composition or vocal prowess, but it gives more casual fans a chance to appreciate the softer side of their work. Another single track (more specifically, a B-Side) follows. "Killer" has a bit more of an edge than it's predecessors. Depending on how you feel about profanity and sexual innuendo, this track may not be your favorite. In fact, the next track might not be your favorite either. "Billy x2" isn't a track that's really meant to hit your ear in the typical sense; but there's a reference to fellow legendary visual rock band, Buck-Tick, which makes it a little more special.

"Ringo" gives fans another reggae-influenced jam, but in just the right amounts. If "Zettaizetsumei" felt too eclectic to you in the way the verses and choruses jived with the hook, you're going to appreciate the clean vocals and pace a lot more in "Ringo." The next jam we're given is a beat-heavy "EMP." This one is also a bit heavy on the harsh vocals, but everything blends together quite well in the end. However, we once again come to another break in the heavy atmosphere with another single: "Yueni, Matenrou." Originally used as an anime theme song, I'm glad it was featured here on this LP to show some diversity and ability to create more radio friendly songs. Mucc is an effortlessly talented band, but their edge may not be appreciated by everyone. Heretofore, "Yueni, Matenrou" is a beautifully catchy pop/rock tune that we can all dance to.

Speaking of dance, the very first iteration of electronic influence comes to us on "Himitsu." Equally as catchy as it's preceding track, the difference is that this one is more blatant in it's efforts to be a fun crowd-pleaser.
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