LM.C rocked the house at TSUTAYA O-EAST as they kicked off their 2017 tour. Following the release of their newest album -VEDA-, the band was flaunting a brand-new Southeast Asian inspired look and sound.

Vo. Maya
The venue was packed and the crowd shuffled impatiently as they waited for the show to start. The stage was partially obscured by a white, gauze curtain that showed swirly light fixtures set up across the floor of the stage. The lights gave off a soft orange glow and together with the soft drumming playing on the speakers, they created a dreamy atmosphere that was quite different from LM.C’s usual neon pop of color.

With the curtain still barring the stage, the music changed and the support members began to take the stage, stirring the crowd into action. Then guitarist Aiji’s silhouette appeared and the room exploded into screams. They began to call for Maya and his shadow appeared behind the curtain, arms raised and wrists twirling as he moved oto the center of the stage.

Gt. Aiji

The stage lit up fully as the curtain was raised. They began with "The BUDDHA", starting off strong with a catchy beat that immediately engaged the crowd, who chanted and sang along. They continued with “GaMuShaRa” which had a bouncy beat and catchy guitar riffs during the verses then followed by a wailing guitar solo.

Maya welcomed the crowd and then the room filled with blue light for “Rainmaker”. It switched to deep red when they continued immediately with “Fight Club”. Although not an extremely fast-paced song, the heavy riffs and strong bass-line kept the crowd going wild. Maya did a call and response to build up their excitement and then they performed “Ashura”. The song had an old-school rock vibe with sure, heavy riffs that had the crowd dancing and the members on stage grooving along.

At the next break, Maya talked about how -VEDA- was their first full album in 4 years, earning them congratulatory cheers and screams. He got the room pumped up and then they performed “MOGURA” which had the room in a frenzy. Aiji moved to the edge of the stage and Maya moved down further into the crowd causing a rush of bodies going towards the stage. “CRAZY A GO GO” was next, throwing the room into chaos.

Once they had burned off some energy, the mood cooled a bit for "CHAKRA" which had a more subdued energy, giving the band the chance to focus more on their execution. "GHOST✝HEART" and “MONROEwalk” had the whole room dancing and then the lights dimmed in preparation for “Avocado”. The stage was partially covered by the gauze curtain once again but this time, swirling lights were projected over it as they performed. The effect was strikingly beautiful and the crowd stood still to soak it in. Still hidden by the curtain, they continued with “Phobia”. This time, the stage would fill with a gold light while Maya sung the chorus. During the final part of the song, a halo of light swirled overhead turning the band into dark smears of shadows.

They took another break, discussing how this time around getting the concept of the album to come together was incredibly difficult. It was definitely a challenge since they were trying something totally new. Maya then joked that even after 10 years of being in a visual kei band, it always seemed like LM.C was a bit different from all the other bands. Whether it was their outfits or sound and neither he nor Aiji could really understand why. Even so, they were always having fun.

They began again with “LET ME’ CRAZY” and kept the crowd going with an onslaught of hyperactive songs. The energy peaked for “OH MY JULIET”, one of the fan favorites. Maya grabbed bottle after bottle of water, splashing the crowd and then for the final chorus, the instruments paused and the entire room sang acapella at the top of their lungs.

The stage became a flurry of activity when they performed “⭐︎Rock the LM.C ⭐︎”. Staff came out waving LM.C logo flags, the -VEDA- artwork flashed overhead and purple and pink lights swirled across the stage. “SUPER DUPER GALAXY” gave Maya the chance to have more fun with the crowd as he had them try different call and responses including ones like “Maya, you’re the best!”. For this song too, the fans didn’t hold back and sang as loudly and with as much feeling as they had.

The live was beginning to come to an end and no-one wanted that just yet. So instead of moving on, Maya told they crowd they could request an encore of a previous song. Everyone picked “CHAKRA” without hesitation even though Maya tried to get them to change their mind as he jokingly complained that it was such a hard song to sing. He obliged and it sounded even better the second time around. The final song was “Hoshi no Arika” ending on a high, bubbly note.

It wasn’t over quite yet though and after getting everyone’s impression of the live, Maya admitted that they were going to perform a final final song. The lights dimmed to a sultry pink and the stage took on a jazzy cabaret air as they finished with “Kiss me?”, admittedly different from their usual way of doing things but still 100% LM.C.

  1. The BUDDHA
  2. GaMuShaRa
  3. Rainmaker (レインメーカー)
  4. Fight Club
  5. Ashura (阿修羅)
  10. MONROEwalk
  11. Avocado
  12. Phobia
  14. We are LM.C!! ~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
  15. COMBATmode
  18. ⭐︎Rock the LM.C ⭐︎
  20. Chameleon Dance
  21. CHAKRA
  22. Hoshi no Arika (星の在処。-ホシノアリカ-)
  23. Kiss me?
Thank you to LM.C members and staff for this opportunity!
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