IGGY Releasing Three Singles in Three Consecutive Months!

IGGY fans, there is something great to report: The band is going to release their first three singles in three consecutive months!
And if you are extremly excited now and can't wait then we have even more good news for you: One of them is already available!
アマテラス (amaterasu) is being sold since March 15th. You can only buy it at all little HEARTS shops though, so please go there if you are in Japan. It costs 1000 yen and comes with the two tracks アマテラス (amaterasu) and キョウシンノグウゾウ (kyoushin no guuzou).

On April 19th you can get スサノヲ (susanowo) for 1000 yen too. It also includes two tracks, one of them is the title track itself and the other one still doesn't have a name. Unfortunately, you can only get your copy of this single at Like an Edison stores.

And to complete all releases named after Shinto Gods: ツクヨミ (tsukuyomi) will be out on May 17th! Price and number of tracks are the same again. ツクヨミ (tsukuyomi) is one of the songs and the second one is still untitled. This time, the CD is going to be sold nationwide, so perhaps it'll be available on shops like CDJapan or Brand-X too!

Source: OHP
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