It's a tad bit late, but let's go ahead and check out RAD MARKET's latest collection called "INSURRECTION".  

     The items above are some of the items from this collection which caught my eye. I know the many fans were able to get their hands on the collection during the GazettE's 15th Anniversary Concert in the past weeks in Tokyo and lucky for all of you that did! Anyways, their shirts and sweaters always have some awesome visuals on it. The handbag also looks really chic, perfect to for any occasion even if you're not attending the GazettE's concert. And the shoes are so interesting... I can see that it'll even give you little boost in the height department. But all that aside, what really got to me is the theme and it reads:

"I'd rather die like a man than live like a coward"
     Now, that is intense. It almost feels like Ruki, of the GazettE, is fighting really hard and out to prove a point. And if you're not inspired yet, shame on you.

For more information, visit RAD MARKET.

Thanks for reading!
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