LIPHLICH Revealed Upcoming Release Details + Live DVD Preview

Ready for new LIPHLICH releases?
You should be because on April 19th the band has two great surprises for their fans!
If you missed their one-man tour final of December 10th at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall then here is your second chance to rewatch it: Their live DVD 2016.12.10「LIPHLICH ONE MAN TOUR 2016 発明 FINAL」at 日本橋三井ホール (2016.12.10「LIPHLICH ONE MAN TOUR 2016 hatsumei FINAL」at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall) comes for 6500 yen. Pre-sale starts on March 16th at their live shows.

The four members have been busy recording too and you will be able to hear the results with their new single entitled VLACK APRIL! For 1620 yen you will get three brand-new tracks:

1.アルトラブラック (ultra vlack)
2.バナナ・スキンヘッド (banana skin head)
3.時に夢想者は (toki ni musousha wa)

Excited already? Then go watch their DVD preview to kill some time!

Source: OHP
Video Source: LIPHLICH @Youtube
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