FASHION: the GazettE RUKI's New Brand "NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO"


      There's tremendous news for the GazettE fans! If you love RUKI's style, he's about to shake your world with his new brand which was introduced today!

Here's what it's all about as stated from the website:

"February 1, 2017
the GazettE Vo. RUKI collaborate with Tetsuya Ando of leather fashion brand  [T.A.S] and start unique project [NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO]. With an edgy expression, the new project represents CLOTHES, COSMETIC, FRAGRANCE, FABRIC and OFF TIME of 5 points by having Music, ART and Underground culture on a back ground. Offer genderless and genreless items by focusing on a style and functionality which desired in the lifestyle."
- English translation taken from the website.

      I don't think there will any doubt that RUKI will come out with anything short of edgy or amazing as seen in their RAD MARKET BY BLACKMORAL merchandise and by the looks at the visuals in the website, I'm pretty sure it will be just so. Isn't it nice to know that it will be targeted towards everyone? And wow, he isn't stopping at just clothing! It makes me most ecstatic and curious to see what makeup he comes out with. I'm hoping that it will be quality products with a lot of color. But whatever it is, it seems like this is a big departure from a previous incident regarding a brand he came out with before and he is obviously taking his revenge! How exhilarating, right?! What are you excited about from RUKI's new line?

Mark your calendar, the store will open on the 30th of April!
Check out their social sites:

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  1. I'm just so happy for him and proud that he found the strength to create sometrhing new again!

  2. I love all of what he represents, what he creates, so i'm so happy to have some more from him and (almost) only him. I just hope that the GazettE stays his priority.