LIVE REPORT: umbrella - ONE-MAN 【Chapter.3 「TAION」】+ Live Information

umbrella finished off the year 2016 with a hot one-man live at OSAKA MUSE on December 16th.

Starting out with their signature song 「Tsuki」and upbeat tunes “Tenohira Drop” and “Skyfish” made for an energetic beginning before they headed into a set packed with songs both new and old. The mix of soft and hard songs was well-received, earning cheers from the crowd during the intervals and MCs, with the main set wrapping up with recently released song “Yoru no Curtain.”

Eager for more, fans were quick to call back the band for an encore. Drummer Sho reappeared on the stage first, taking his place behind his drumset to initiate a mini jam session which bassist Hal was second to join in before guitarist Shu also reemerged to join in the instrumental rock fest. In a turn of events, guitar-vocalist Yui popped out in partial Santa wear in the spirit of Christmas, to the delight of fans, taking some on-stage cheki before donning a guitar to start into the encore with a fitting “Powdery Snow,” powering into an aggressive “Kuroneko ga tooru,” before finishing up the night with “Alain.”

2017 already looks to be packed with exciting events, with two new ones announced at the one-man.

To commemorate their sixth anniversary since formation, umbrella announced that their next one-man will take place on March 14th at Zirco Tokyo, the title following their current naming theme with 【Chapter.4 「 FUMIIDA」】. Additionally, to celebrate Hal’s birthday, Shibuya REX will host their event titled 【アマヤドリ~MUROKA~】on April 27th, featuring bands heidi., THE NOSTRADAMNZ , TЯicKY, UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ, and special guest Kojima Hoden from Mitarashinu.

Photo gallery.


  1. 「Tsuki」
  2. Tenohira Drop
  3. Skyfish
  4. Zoukei Alice
  5. Raining Letter
  6. Wasurenagusa
  7. Samidare
  8. Zouka
  9. Keihaku na hito
  10. Hi [jou] kaidan
  11. Red Signal Day
  12. Labo 
  13. Witch? 
  14. Binetsu
  15. Bokutachi ga eigaita panorama
  16. Requiem
  17. Yoru no Curtain


  1. Powdery Snow 
  2. Kuroneko ga tooru
  3. Alain

Live report by Chi-Yow Lee.

Live Information: 
umbrella ONE-MAN 【Chapter.4 「 FUMIIDA 」】
Venue: Zirco Tokyo
Doors open: 18:30 / Curtain: 19:00
Advance tickets ¥3,500 / Day-of tickets ¥4,000 (+ additional drink fee at venue)
Available via e+ starting January 15

umbrella Hal Birthday Festival 【Ayamadori ~MUROKA~】
Venue: Shibuya REX
Doors open: 17:00 / Curtain: 17:30
Advance tickets ¥3,500 / Day-of tickets ¥4,000 (+ additional drink fee at venue)
umbrella / heidi. / THE NOSTRADAMNZ / TЯicKY / UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ / Kojima Hoden from Mitarashinu
Available via e+ starting March 19

Source: umbrella staff
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