Scarlet Valse - New MV Collection to be Released

Scarlet Valse, the band of young nobility that summons madness, has confirmed the release of a new MV collection!

September of this year marked Scarlet Valse's 5th anniversary. With but one single pause in five years, for that very reason, these guys have constantly plunged forward to make their next move.
Since November, the band's live DVD 2016.09.23 Takadanobaba AREA Secret Eden ~Kakusei~ has been sold at live venues and through mail-order. Scarlet Valse's progress as a band during their 5-year history is evident in this live recording; the compilation is good enough to become everyone's favorite, whether you're a fan of Scarlet Valse or don't know anything about them yet.
However, the band's evolution is far from over. Scarlet Valse has once again announced that starting December 2nd, their new MV collection, Scarlet Valse Music Video collection III will be available in limited quantities at their live events and through mail order.
The videos compiled are both beautiful and edgy, and reflect the royal nature of the band's work.
Once you see the DVD SPOT posted online, featuring a digest of clips from each video, it will take no time at all for you want to get your hands on the full collection!

This compilation comes out on December 2nd, at their next live event, and you know a lot of people will be coming to it! Because on that day, Scarlet Valse will be participating in a 3-man event "Replay--Four City Tour Finale 3-Man, at Ikebukuro Cyber. Scarlet Valse will perform alongside Misaruka and UNDER FALL JUSTICE. Concert-goers can enjoy this glorious lineup through a pair-ticket system, meaning one can preorder two tickets for the price of one (3000 yen). Moreover instant photos and collaboration photo shoots will be available, with sessions being held after the live. Those who aren't able to make it to the live, please get Scarlet Valse Music Video collection III by mail-order!
In addition, Scarlet Valse will hold a birthday event for guitarist Jun at Ebisu club aim, "Scarlet Valse x THE SOUND BEE HD TWO-MAN LIVE ~Jun Birthday Special Ankoku Bara Kyouen buchi kama sa night!~." This event's tickets are also available in a pair-ticket system (advance sale: 3000 yen). Don't let this chance get away! Scarlet Valse is still planning various ideas; we wonder what their next announcement will be!

Original Text: Nagasawa Tomonori

Scarlet Valse Music Video collection III (2016.12.2)
Starwave Records (SWSVD-6)
Price: 3500 yen (limited to 100 copies)

DVD track listing:
01. Secret Eden
02. Larme
03. Story
04. Dear
05. Virginal Blood
06. Eternal White
07. La neige
08. Darkness Circus

2016.12.2 Ikebukuro Cyber
"Replay" Four-City Tour Finale Three-Man
Starwave Records presents
Open: 5:30 / Start: 6:00
Advance pair tickets: 3000 yen / Day-of pair tickets: 3500 yen (+drink)
Appearing: Misaruka / Scarlet Valse / UNDER FALL JUSTICE
O.A: rui session
Vo. rui (Misaruka)
Gt. 唯依葉-yuiha-(Synk;yet)
Gt. Rian (ex.F1rst MiX's)
Ba. Jun (ex.NesT)
Dr.柊椰-tohya- (ラヴェーゼ)
*Tickets are two-for-one! Instant photo shots and collaboration photo sessions will be available!
Advance tickets enter first. No band reservations. Entry by number on ticket.

Tickets available through ePlus.

2016.12.13 Ebisu club aim
Starwave Records presents
Scarlet Valse x THE SOUND BEE HD TWO-MAN LIVE Jun Birthday Special Ankoku Bara Kyouen buchi kama sa night!
Open: 6:00 / Start: 6:30
Appearing: THE SOUND BEE HD / Scarlet Valse (each band performing for 60 minutes)
*Tickets are two-for-one! Also selling collaboration instant photos! Photo session happening after the event!
Advance tickets enter first. No band reservations. Entry by number on ticket.

Tickets available through ePlus.

2016.11.29 HOLIDAY OSAKA
2016.12.02 Ikebukuro CYBER
2016.12.13 Ebisu club aim
2016.12.31 Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
2017.1.1 Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
And more...

Scarlet Valse OHP
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