LIVE REPORT: Moi dix Mois Completed First Live in Hong Kong

Japan's prominent gothic metal band Moi dix Mois completed their first live in Hong Kong. The band's 90-minute set ended with the crowd abuzz, making a great atmosphere.

Band members were adorned in their signature black costumes the day of the show. Mana was warmly welcomed by the audience with a huge applause when he made his first appearance on stage. The band brought a total of 16 songs to the Hong Kong fans, playing may songs from the early discography of Moi dix Mois. Performances of early songs such as "Solitude" were met wit great acclaim. As a pleasant surprise for the fans, the band performed their new, unreleased song "death material". During their performance of "Deflower", vocalist Seth and guitarist Ryux shared the spotlight while singing.

During the show, Seth greeted Hong Kong fans with "How are you" in Cantonese. Seth also became the spokesperson for Mana, known for his silent demeanor, to which the enthused audience screamed "Mana-sama!" numerous times.

Fans' passion made me feel awesome! - Mana

Toward the end, Mana took the Halloween gifts he prepared from his teddy-bear bag, making the venue rain with individually autographed candies.

After the performance, audiences with A TICKETs participated in an autograph session where they could receive autographs from all 5 band members on either CD/DVD or goods.

Fans were not the only ones fueled with excitement. Mana also wrote on his Twitter that "Last night's (October 23rd) show was great! Fans' passion made me feel awesome! The members and the audience surely had become one, I was happy to perform in Hong Kong!"

Moi dix Mois Live in Hong Kong
Date: October 23, 2016

Set List

SE The Pact of Silence

1. The Seventh Veil


2. front et baiser
3. Beast side

SE =SolitudeSE=

4. Solitude

Invite to Immorality

5. Nocturnal Romance
6. Tentation
7. The Prophet


8. Material Death
9. Perish
10. Night breed


11. Deflower
12. immortal madness
13. Dead Scape


14. Ange ~D side holy wings
15. Je'laime

SE En lumiere

1. deus ex machina

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