Although the debut of KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita has passed, the brand itself is still very young. They have recently opened up their online shop to overseas customers, and have been diligently selling products at conventions over the past few months. Before their debut at Anime Expo, VKH had the opportunity to interview DaDa, the mastermind behind the designs for the plus-sized brand. See what he has to say below!

VKH: What considerations have gone into designing a brand marketed and sold to a foreign country?

DaDa: I designed it so it would have a good balance when worn by Westerners.

VKH: Are you still drawing fans of your music career into new projects like this?

DaDa: KOMACHI is not the same as my previous band merchandise. Although my experience from those days have been useful, this is a brand new start together with my affiliated company.

VKH: How much creative input did you have in the aesthetic of the designs?

DaDa: Rather than designs that are created from hardship or difficulty, I prefer designs that are born from an instant of inspiration.

VKH: This brand has been advertised as “gothic lolita style.” What elements make a design authentic gothic lolita?

DaDa: The sense of composure and loveliness.

VKH: Have you received very much feedback about the designs? How are plus-sized lolitas reacting to the news?

DaDa: We received lots of inspiration so I want to keep evolving.

VKH: Will you be with this brand as a designer long-term?

DaDa: Yes.

VKH: With a goal to design lolita for larger-sized fashionistas, why was a gothic style specifically chosen?

DaDa: It was chosen because it hasn’t been produced by anyone else.

VKH: What meaning does this gothic imagery have to you, personally?

DaDa: It’s unique and since I was a child it’s a fashion image that I thought was beautiful.

VKH: Will Komachi2266531DarkLolita be able to expand into a line that carries a variety of designs, possibly including other styles of lolita?

DaDa: Although there is a possibility to include various other items, I want to do that without altering the foundation of the brand. The roots and foundation of my designs are based in 90’s era visual kei stage costumes.

VKH: What do you consider when designing for plus-size lolita so that the clothing will be flattering?

DaDa: The fact that it’s plus-sized doesn’t matter, I just want to show off the richness of designs. Also so that the person wearing that can exude confidence.

VKH: What made you want to design clothing for plus-size lolita?

DaDa: Because no one else was making them.

VKH: How did you get involved with sun-krad initially?

DaDa: It’s been 14 years since then and although I don’t remember what it was exactly, they were interested in my works and I started from there.

VKH: Right now you are only selling the stockings from what we understand, but what are you hoping to be able to design and sell in the future?

DaDa: I would really like to sell dresses.

VKH: How do you come up with the designs and patterns for the stockings?

DaDa: Firstly, I do a quick jotting without thinking of anything in particular. Then if I find anything interesting in that, I consider what would make a good design and build from there.

VKH: Thank you very much for your time! Will you please send a message to your fans and our readers?

DaDa: I will work hard to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Special thanks to sun-krad, DaDa, and KOMACHI staff for making this possible!
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