OFF-TOPIC: 6 (+ 5) songs that should be part of your Halloween playlist!

It's October which means it'll be Halloween very soon!
If you're hosting a Halloween party but you're still in need of a good playlist or if you just want some tracks to get you in the right mood then you have come to the right place!
We looked up eleven songs for you (with six of them being Halloween themed!) which are perfect for the spookiest day of the year!
If you know more great such tracks then please leave a comment below!


No such a list can be published without this group! Every year, VAMPS are having special Halloween live events with rock-unit HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA performing too. The band consists of different artists each time. For 2016, HYDE decided to re-produce this theme with a new cute unit called HALLOWEEN DOLLS. We reported about it, so you can find all details here!

Meanwhile, go check out their song Halloween Party from 2012! Some examples of musicians that took part in the song are Yasu (Acid Black Cherry), DAIGO (BREAKERZ), Tatsuro (MUCC), Hitsugi (Nightmare) and Aki (SID). 

Sadie - This Is Halloween

Did you know that Sadie covered the well-known song This Is Halloween from Disney's movie The Nightmare Before Christmas? It was released on a special V.A. CD called V-rock Disney in 2011! Several artists covered songs of different Disney movies, so you should definitely check it out! It's still available on Brand-X for 2700 yen.


If you need Halloween songs then you should listen to the whole discography of エル (Elm)! Their band concept is Halloween based, so with getting their CDs for your party on October 31st you really can't do anything wrong! Unfortunately, they will be disbanding soon (we reported)...
But during eight years of activity they definitely left us many great horror songs such as HALLOWEEN CANDIE! It's still available on CDJapan (here).

4.  The Candy Spooky Theater - Trick or Treat

Another horror themed band: The Candy Spooky Theater! Once again, most of their songs would be perfect for Halloween. But if you want the lyrics to fit too, then Trick or Treat is your best choice!

5. DADAROMA - Happy Halloween

If you're still able to do some headbanging despite your elaborte costume, then DADAROMA's Happy Halloween shouldn't be missing on your playlist! The song was released as live-limited single back in 2015. But don't worry! A re-recorded version of the song is available on their most recent single 夢タラレバ (yume tarareba)! You can get your copy here.

6. i.Rias - Halloween Monster Party

i.Rias also released a Halloween live-limited single! Halloween Monster Party should be one of your party songs too, so keep your eyes open and maybe you can find it on sale somewhere on the internet!

And here are your additional five spooky songs:


If you need the perfect horror music, then ペンタゴン (Pentagon) definitely have more than just one song to offer! WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL is only one example, so make sure you check out their other songs too!

CDJapan sells both limited editions (Type A, Type B) and the regular edition (here) of the single, so get them now!

8. Mix Speaker's,Inc. - HELL FIRE

Believe it or don't, but once again a band with several great horror songs! Our recommendation: HELL FIRE!
You can get both, the limited and the regular edition from CDJapan.
And in case you are wondering, the single is from 2013 when vocalist YUKI was still part of Mix Speaker's,Inc.

9. SuG - Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show

Before they left label PS COMPANY, SuG had a few horror themed songs. Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show is one of those great singles that will make all party guests run to the dance floor!
The song comes with their album Lollipop Kingdom from 2012 which you can buy here.

10. LIPHLICH - マズロウマンション (maslow mansion)

Somewhere in LIPHLICH's discography of all kinds of sounds you can also find some great spooky songs! マズロウマンション (maslow mansion) is one of them, other examples are グルグル自慰行為 (guruguru jii koui), KNOCK BLACK DOG JOKE or their most recent release サイド・リブラの場合 (side libra no baai).
Their 2013 single is still available on Brand-X, but only the limited edition, so hurry and buy it now!

11. BugLug - BUKIMI

It's worth it to check out more BugLug songs if you still need additional Halloween songs, since they have many spooky ones! BUKIMI will give you an idea what they sound like. And if you like it, here you can get the release!

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