LIVE REPORT: Chanty's 3rd Anniversary Oneman "Welcome to Chanty's World" @ Tsutaya O-WEST

Chanty celebrated 3 years of activity with a well-earned live at Tsutaya O-WEST that promised to continue the magic of their music.

Members Chitose, Shia, Nonaka Taku and Naruto entered first and took their places quietly. A warm spotlight shone on Chitose who began playing a slow, echoing guitar solo. The solo built to a crescendo and as the music was slowly fading out, vocalist Akuta took the stage.

Vo. Akuta

“Welcome to Chanty’s world.”

The band all turned to face the back of the stage as they began the first song, “Kanadeiro”. Although there wasn’t much movement from the band on stage, the song got the crowd moving, leading them into “Ryuuseigun”. The venue immediately burst to life as the audience jumped and waved to the upbeat melody. Akuta spurred them on even more, yelling “Jump! Jump! Jump!”

They continued to build the crowd's momentum by following with “Isse no”, a fast-paced number that was sure to pull any stragglers right into the fray. Chitose was jumping around with barely restrained energy and the crowd punctuated Akuta’s singing with lively furitsuke. When they hit the chorus, the room shifted as the audience jumped from left to right in time to the beat. When the music ended, the room was filled with the constant cheers and screams from the crowd.

Ba. Shia
Akuta officially thanked everyone for their support over the past 3 years and asked for their continued encouragement for the next year to come.

With that, the lights dimmed and a spotlight fixed on Akuta as he began the lively intro of “Otonari-san”. The rest of the members crowded to the front of the stage, getting the crowd to get even more excited. The fans responded in kind and everyone let loose a bit more for “Sorayomi”. Nonaka Taku was rolling on the ground and the venue was a mass of flying hair as everyone headbanged till the end.

“Hidoi kao” followed without a break and the bassline of the song reverberated through the room. It was painted in red, pink and blue lights that mimicked a sunset. The music built to a crescendo at the end and Chitose continued playing echoing scales that let the song flow easily into “Netamashii”.

The mood instantly simmered to something more subdued and the crowd listened quietly to the performance. Akuta’s displayed his unique vocals and impressive power, hitting clear high notes as the song built up. Shia and Chitose began playing aggressive riffs and Akuta was screaming, nothing but raw emotion now. It ended with Akuta on his knees as the music faded out.

Gui. Chitose
The lights dimmed until there was a spotlight on Chitose, beginning to play again. This time it was “Konnya mimei”. Akuta remained kneeling, singing softly and slowly gaining power and intensity until he was screaming again. The rest of the instruments kicked in as the band continued to play in intense bursts which faded out into silence.

“To aru hoshizora no shita” remains one of their most emotionally charged songs. The drum and bass thrummed through the room, enhancing the emotional vocal delivery. The disco ball overhead lit up during the chorus, scattering beams of light everywhere. The crowd remained respectfully still, soaking up the performance.

“Flight” had everyone moving again and they followed with the jazzy “Miss Unbalance”. The catchy melody made it almost impossible not to want to dance. The song was punctuated by moments when the band members and the crowd would all jump high in unison, hands stretching towards the ceiling. At the front of the stage, Nonaka Taku playfully chomped on one of Akuta’s fingers, getting the crowd to laugh and scream in amusement.

Ba. Nonaka Taku

Akuta tweaked his vocals into something rougher and less refined for “Mugen Loop”. It matched the wilder, almost punk vibe of the song which had the room going crazy waving towels and headbanging. “Zettai sonzai shoumeisho” was a flurry of action as the crowd spun from left to right before headbanging like crazy. Chitose got so excited he tumbled off the stage, scrambling back on and continuing before anyone could worry.

The fall must have disrupted his guitar because he disappeared backstage and returned with a new one for the next song, “Shoudouteki shojo”. While he was gone, the band improvised smoothly, keeping the crowd in high spirits with a call and response. “m.o.b.” was fast paced and aggressive but the crowd kept pace with the band and everyone went crazy.

The final song was “Anata dake wo sagashite kazatte mitai”. The flurry of movement ceased at the band made their last song a more technical focused performance. The audience swayed happily from side to side as the band ended on a flawless note.

Amidst the cheers, Akuta said “Thank you, this was Chanty.” before they all exited the stage.

Dr. Naruto

Of course their fans wouldn’t let them go so easily and soon enough they were back for an encore. The band thanked all their supporters again and counted their lucky stars that this year’s anniversary wasn’t marred by typhoons or earthquakes like the previous two.

They also reflected on the venue, remembering when they were a younger band and thought that people who got to play at Tsutaya O-West must be like celebrities with no worries at all. Nonetheless, they expressed their desire to keep growing with the fans and asked for their continued support.

The positive energy flowed into the last few songs of the night including the catchy "Yannachau", as the members and fans ended the celebration with a hopeful outlook for another year.

1. Kanadeiro (奏色)
2. Ryuuseigun (流星群)
3. Isse no (いっせーの)
4. Otonari-san (おとなりさん)
5. Sorayomi (ソラヨミ)
6. Hidoi kao (ひどいかお)
7. Netamashii (ねたましい)
8. Diary (ダイアリー)
9. Konnya mimei (今夜未明)
10. To aru hoshizora no shita (とある星空の下)
11. Flight (フライト)
12. Miss Unbalance (ミスアンバランス)
13. Mugen loop (無限ループ)
14. Zettai sonzai shoumeisho (絶対存在証明証)
15. Shoudouteki shojo (衝動的少女)
16. m.o.b.
17. Anata dake wo sagashite kazatte mitai (貴方だけを壊して飾ってみたい)
1. Yannachau (やんなっちゃう)
2. Anata dake wo sagashite kazatte mitai (貴方だけを壊して飾ってみたい)

Thank you to Chanty, management and staff for this opportunity!
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