i.Rias - New Single "Vawdy×Tidy" Release + MV Spot

i.Rias next single is titled  "Vawdy×Tidy" and will be released on January 11th, 2017 in two types. Both types A & B will include CD (2 tracks)+DVD, but type A will contain the MV for "ユメミウサギ(yumemi usagi)" and type B will contain the MV for "Vawdy rabbit".

Type A
[CD] 2160 yen
1. ユメミウサギ(yumemi usagi)
2. Butterfly effect

ユメミウサギ(yumemi usagi) (MV)

Type B
[CD] 2160 yen
1. Vawdy rabbit
2. Butterfly effect

Vawdy rabbit (MV)

Source: OHP
Video Source: Planet CHILD Music @YouTube
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