umbrella - "Yoru no Curtain" member's comments + event schedule

We posted earlier about umbrella's 4th single Yoru no Curtain set to release on November 2nd.

Additionally, they have announced a one-man live titled “Chapter.3 [Taion]” that will take place at OSAKA MUSE on December 16th. Tickets will be available via eplus starting October 1st. Advance tickets will be 3500 yen, while at-door price is set at 4000 yen, not including drink fee. Additionally, a free tour documentary DVD will be given to all concert goers.

“umbrella’s image”

The title track “Yoru no Curtain” is, a song depicting the feelings of two different people between dreams and reality, a dramatic song until the end. Also, regarding the coupling songs, “Labo” is a loud song that will take on the challenge of breaking the shell of umbrella’s sound as it has been until now, and “Red Signal Day (re-recorded)” is a recorded version of “Red Signal Day” that was originally released in 2013 as a live-venue-limited release. In addition to a solid performance, it’s an umbrella that appeals to listeners’ feelings with its world of snuggly lyrics. Comments from the members can be found below.

Members’ comments

“Yoru no Curtain”
I’d been saying that I really really want to release a single really soon.
I hope that it will become a nice encounter for everyone.
And so we’re going to conclude 2016 with a one-man at OSAKA MUSE.
And then speedily breakthrough into next year. - vocalist Yui

A new release was decided.
I’m happy to think that taking on the challenge of new songs will continue updating umbrella’s history every time.
After meeting lots of different people and encountering various kinds of music at events from day-to-day, which is what we do as umbrella, I’m really looking forward to what we produce now because it’s as umbrella’s guitarist that I am able to output new sounds for releases.
And so I’m really excited to see how these songs will come to be interpreted at lives. - guitarist Shu

CD’s releases are fun! One-man lives are also fun! And, producing sound itself is very fun!
In addition, it’s also fun for listeners of the CD to join in with the live audience.
What we’re working towards is for this to be more fun and not restricted to one manner.
Something that I really believe, is that anything is fun when everyone is happy.
With the release, one-man, and also umbrella from now, let’s enjoy these things together to have fun together! - bassist Hal

A new single Yoru no Curtain will be released.
It’s a song with an airy feeling which only umbrella can create, somewhere it has a personally nostalgic impression.
Please look forward to it.
To go with the release, it’s been decided to have a one-man live at OSAKA MUSE, where we haven’t played in about 2 years (maybe?).
Also because we have instore events in different cities, please keep looking forward to more. - drummer Sho

Instore event schedule

2016 11.06 (Sun) TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku
2016 11.11 (Fri) little HEARTS. Sendai
2016 11.16 (Wed) ZEAL LINK Shibuya
2016 11.18 (Fri) Nagoya fiveStars
2016 11.19 (Sat) PureSound Americamura
2016 11. 26 (Sat) TOWER RECORDS Namba
2016 1 .03 (Sat) ZEAL LINK Osaka

Source: umbrella staff
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