SuG - VersuS 2016 EXTRA Tour Announced w/ 16 Shows!

SuG have announced their plans for this year's VersuS performance, and with it the crowd can decide what side of SuG they'll get to see! VersuS is the annual battle between dark, gothic “Gokuaku-SuG” and colourful, pop “Gokusai-SuG”. During the show, SuG will display their two different side in every possible extreme through both costume and musical performance. The winner is determined by the audiences response: whoever receives the louder cheers will release a DVD and photo album. Every year, the competition is extremely intense among fans. In 2014, Gokuaku-SuG won and released DVD and the following year 2015, Gokusai-SuG won the competition and released photo album.

This year, VersuS have will have16 shows in Japan. More cheers, more points, more excitement - just more of everything! The "votes" for each side will be tallied up along the way, and your voice will decide who wins! Don't miss out!

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[Osaka VersuS]
★2016.11.12(Sat)Osaka・Matushita IMP Hall【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.11.13(Sun)Osaka・Matushita IMP Hall【Gokusai SuG】

[Kyushu VersuS]
★2016.11.19(Sat)Fukuoka・Fukuoka DRUM SON【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.11.20(Sun)Kumamoto・Kumamoto B.9 V2【Gokusai SuG】

[Nagoya VersuS]
★2016.11.22(Tue)Aichi・Nagoya E.L.L.(Electric Lady Land)【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.11.23(Wed)Aichi・Nagoya E.L.L.(Electric Lady Land)【Gokusai SuG】

[Tokyo VersuS]
★2016.11.26(Sat)Tokyo・Shinagawa Intercity Hall【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.11.27(Sun)Tokyo・Shinagawa Intercity Hall【Gokusai SuG】

[Tohoku VersuS]
★2016.12.3(Sat)Miyagi・Sendai MACANA【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.12.4(Sun)Yamagata・Yamagata Music Showa Session【Gokusai SuG】

[Chugoku VersuS]
★2016.12.16(Fri)Hiroshima・Hiroshima Cave-Be【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.12.17(Sat)Okayama・Okayama IMAGE【Gokusai SuG】

[Shinetsu VersuS]
★2016.12.22(Thu)Nigata・Nigata CLUB RIVERST【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.12.23(Fri)Nagano・Matsumoto ALECX【Gokusai SuG】

[Kansai VersuS]
★2016.12.26(Mon)Kyoto・Kyoto MOJO【Gokuaku SuG】
☆2016.12.27(The)Hyogo・Kobe VARIT【Gokusai SuG】

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