Set fire to your heart!! The night that aggressive, vocal-driven band ViV played a free one-man live and blew the packed house to smithereens!!

As the burning-hot summer days of August continued, so did ViV’s “ViV FREE ONEMAN TOUR 2016, The Summer that Won’t End (Quietly).” The final of this tour happened to be held at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on August 10th (Wednesday). There was not only the free live, but also a ‘public rehearsal’ available to those who purchased the special ‘S Ticket’ for 5,000yen. Over and over, the band poured their heart and soul into every single performance. I got a taste of some rare music from the public rehearsal.

The Public Rehearsal

The Open Rehearsal started with the band members walking into the venue from behind the audience’s seats. With such an unexpected appearance, everyone watching happily screamed with excitement. The live started with the song “ONE.” The song, with such a deeply profound yet intense composition, sent everyone in the audience moving full-force, just like every live performance! Perhaps because there was a rather limited number of people (a few dozen), everyone gleefully moved around to their heart’s content, using the entire floor. From here, they went on to perform such lively numbers as “MERRY’S-GO-ROUND” and “Sweet Dayz,Calling,” to ballads like “Kizuna,” sung as a heartfelt thanks to all the fans, giving an opportunity to play songs one might not always hear at a regular live. In addition, they played familiar favorites such as “Kanzen Muketsu no SUPERSTAR,” “Supeoki Pain,” and “Message.” During the interlude in “Supeoki Pain,” there was a part where HIROHIRO and the audience would scream at each other. Furthermore, drummer Sayuki and the audience would shout “SAY HO!!,” “SAY PURUN,” “MIKI PRUNE!” and such. Guitarist Wataru, while adding some deep reverb to his playing, also got everyone to shout “Ohhh, yeeeeah!” back and forth. Their skill and playfulness added up to both the band and the audience enjoying the party-like mood.

Even during the MC, HIROHIRO mentioned “There was this time where I dampened a towel with the water bottle onstage, and brandished and flung it around and water sprayed everywhere!” he said, speaking over his shoulder and Sayuki responded with “Those noodles are so firm, are they Barikata (a type of ramen)??” Although the audience didn’t know the full meaning of these talks, the relaxed storytelling made for quite a unique public rehearsal.

The Live

ViV’s brought down the house!! They destroyed all common sense!!

Although we’re talking about a free performance, the livehouse was packed with people all the way to the back. “Let’s do this, Tokyo!!”, HIROHIRO’s  words were the signal for the crowd to all rush towards ViV. They began with “LOVE SICK”, an appropriate song for the crowd gathered there. The loud and heavy groove rock blasted out from the stage in a huge beat that was like an attack. The venue had the vibe of a festival from the very start.  Before you knew it, the livehouse was transformed into a righteous coliseum where untamed behaviour ruled.

For “Scarred.” and “G-lips.”, HIROHIRO’s chants of “More! More!” pumped extra enthusiasm to the already excited crowd. It was intense from the beginning and it seemed like their bodies and emotions were going to break.

“Kanzen Muketsu...” “Superstar!!” This was the exchange from the band and the crowd which continued during “Kanzen Muketsu Superstar.” As the performance continued, the feelings from the very depths of everyone's heart continued to grow more and more heated. It was like your soul was shaking with happiness! The songs and performance coming from the stage continued to spur on the crowd and there was no way anyone could have been unaffected. Without a doubt, they displayed completely unrivalled enthusiasm.

During the mosh number “Supeoki Pain”, the tightly clustered audience ran from left to right, even in such a narrow space and continued to jump up and down. Everyone was getting crushed together! Or rather, the reality was that they were overcome with the wild enthusiasm of the “battle party” that “Supeoki Pain” created.  The band got the crowd going by shouting “Come! Come! Come! Come!” Then during the interlude, drummer Sayuki started a call and response of, “SAY HO!!”, “SAY YES!!”, “SAY PURUPURU”, “MIKI PRUNE”. Bassist RayJi was calling out the member’s names and guitarist Wataru, while adding some deep reverb to his playing, got the crowd to do a sexy call and response of “Ohhh, yeaaah~”. This kind of comical exchange was a special part of their live shows and before you knew it, “Supekoi Pain” turned the venue into a crazy party space.

Signalling with the words, “Let’s go crazy!!”, the performance was aggressive and emotional. “EMOTION” was without a doubt, a hard performance that set the livehouse ablaze. The mood continued to be filled with more untamed energy and the sensation was like the blissful feeling of being in an unending trance. Everyone was rioting until they lost their minds!!

While the punchy, wild beat thundered, ViV hit off with “Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (Boku x Kimi)”. Would you die for ViV?! The people there were ready and willing and drowned in a vortex of insanity. The band gave their all to entertain the fans, who were completely devoted to their favorite band. Devoting their body and soul and moshing with enthusiasm. With all emotions laid bare, everyone pumped their fists in the air, sharing the same feelings as one. The voices singing together in chorus after the hook of the song was deeply moving, filling your chest with happiness. It was something that genuinely made you feel that way. Isn’t that the best kind of fun?!

During the final song of the set,  “MESSAGE”, the screams and excitement and love colored the space within the livehouse. Even though it was difficult to move in the livehouse, in a way that was mindful of others, the fans all bent over headbanging, hair flailing and continued to go wild. Could you say that ViV’s brought down the house?! This was the proof that they destroyed all reason!!
This kind of intense energy is what you can expect from a live by the “vocal-driven” band ViV 

“This is our song.” During the first encore, the singing seemed to fill the heart of each person there with emotion; the gentle and warm ballad “Kizuna” and the pure, soft feeling of “Destiny” resounded through the room. Underneath the shining disco ball, the gathered crowd experienced the pull of fate. Being able to meet there, and the joy of knowing that surely, their precious relationship would continue to last and grow.

The fans’ eager voices called out for another encore and the members came out on stage once again. They started again with “MERRY’S-GO-ROUND”. The crowd which was spinning and waving their hands around in time to the music, also wore ring lights on their fingers which made the area sparkle. That lively scene matched perfectly with the lyrics “kagayaki hajimeta yoru ni (the beginning of the sparkling night)”. The enthusiasm got higher and higher with the loud and wild “Barenai You ni Kiss Shite”. From the beginning of the song, the fans were headbanging like crazy and the members on stage reciprocated by shouting in a “death voice”. The song’s hook “barenai you ni”, “kiss shite” was sung in a thrilling and excited back and forth between the band and the audience. You could savor the feeling of the shouts as the song built to the climax!! “We only have this moment right now, so let’s get fired up!!” They struck with the song “Cage” at the very last moment and the venue echoed with the roars and dominated by the frenzy. But of course, isn’t that what you would expect from the aggressive, vocal-driven band ViV?

One More Oneman Live Announced!!

After the final oneman was finished, ViV had some news to announce--they will hold another oneman live on 9/22 (Thursday) at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, titled “Typhoon Night Fever 2016.” To have chosen Shinjuku RUIDO K4 once again was a happy point. With various other sponsored events and announcements coming soon, keep your eyes locked on ViV’s next moves! And, wait for their next live with trembling passion!!

PHOTO: Mishimagick
ORIGINAL TEXT: Nagasawa Tomonori

Public Rehearsal Set list
  1. ONE
  3. Kanzen Muketsu no SUPERSTAR
  4. Sweet Dayz,Calling
  5. Kizuna
  6. Supeoki Pain

Set list
  2. Scarred.
  3. G-lips.
  4. Kanzen Muketsu no SUPERSTAR
  5. Supekoi Pain
  7. Kimi no tame nara shineru (Boku x Kimi)
  1. Kizuna
  2. Destiny
-2nd ENCORE-
  2. Barenai youni kiss shite
  3. Cage

ViV Web
ViV twitter

Live Information
9/22 (Thursday) Shinjuku RUIDO K4
ViV ONE MAN LIVE “Typhoon Night Fever 2016”
Doors: 18:00 Start 18:30
Presale: 3,500yen Day Of: 3,800yen

Tickets available through ePlus

Upcoming Tour Dates
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8/21 Nagoya ell.FITS all
8/27 Tajkadanobaba AREA
9/5 Osakja RUIDO
9/6 Nagoya MUSIC FARM
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9/22 Shinjuku RUIDO K4 (oneman live)
9/28 Ootsuka Deepa
10/3 Nagoya MUSIC FARM
10/4 Osaka RUIDO
10/15 Sapporo Crazy Monkey
10/16 Sapporo Crazy Monkey
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10/19 Shinjuku RUIDO K4
10/28 Nagoya CIRCUIT EVENT (festtoke)
10/29 Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
11/5 Takadanobaba AREA
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11/12 Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
11/14 Osaka SUNHALL
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