umbrella - New artist photo and official goods released

A head that becomes more painful day by day because of the heat. Comparatively hot news of a summer production has come.

umbrella have released a new artist photo just before their sponsored event “ROJIURA SEARCH LIGHT” that will soon take place at umeda AKASO on August 9th and 10th!

There’s not only a photo with the four members wearing vocalist Yui designed T-shirts that the four are wearing as a uniform, but there is additionally a photo that visually shows how umbrella is good at playing with words. There wasn’t any until now, but it’s a figure that has a nostalgic feeling of umbrella.

In addition to August 9th being when the new outfits are revealed, T-shirts of the same design will be sold at the venue. The band would like the artwork of Yui who produces and handles his private brand “ROJIURADO” to be seen and experienced in a complete manner.

"Even though the rainy season is over, umbrella won’t stop.
The umbrella over the heart will always be open.."

"umbrella = [rain]
When simply looking for such an image that 'naturally' means umbrella, it’s a design that naturally came down.

It’s a shirt that seems like [umbrella].
It has the concept of the pitter-patter of the heart when rain starts to fall.
After the rain, it’s a concept of the mind feeling relieved.
It’s something that can captures both concepts.

What does this image want to convey?
'Life, we don’t know what will happen.'"

Source: umbrella staff
Official website:

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