DIV to disband

Sad news today as DIV announced that they will disband following their oneman live "DIVE!!!" at Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall on October 10th.

According to their official statements, DIV had initially thought about continuing with CHISA (vocals) and Shogo (guitar) after Chobi (bass) and satoshi. (drums) previously announced they would be leaving the band. After much discussion, however, they came to the conclusion that they wouldn't be able to uphold DIV's image without all four of them. As such, they will bring their four and a half years together to a close in October. 

The band apologizes for the sudden announcement, but they are thankful for the support of all their fans and staff they have received since day one. Although DIV has but a short time left together, they plan on making their final performance the best ever, and hope their fans will cheer them on until the very end.

DIV's final tour "Ready to DIVE" starts on August 13th at HEAVEN'S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2. Tickets are available for this and their final concert through ePlus.

Source: FAKESTAR USA via Facebook

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