LIVE REPORT: Chanty - "Hito Mishiranai #4" ~Chanty and Sibilebashir~ @ Ikebukuro EDGE

Chanty put on a crowd-pleasing performance at the 2 man show “Hito Mishiranai #4” at Ikebukuro EDGE together with band Sibilebashir. The bands performed in succession with Chanty taking the stage as the second and final act. 

The curtains opened with most of the band already on stage. Soft guitar scales were playing as vocalist Akuta walked out and quietly introduced them saying, “We are Chanty.” 
Keeping the atmosphere intact, red lights flooded the stage and performed their first song “Hidoi Kao”. The crowd alternated between clapping along to the beat and listening intently as Akuta continued to push more power into his voice as the song progressed into a melodic solo by guitarist Chitose

“Sorayomi”, broke the stillness and gave the crowd the chance to let loose headbanging while bassist Nonaka Taku, guitarist Shia and Chitose danced around the stage. At the end of the song, the lights dimmed and the music lulled. Akuta told the crowd “Okay Tokyo, clap your hands!”, signalling the start of the next song “Yannacchau”.The band moved to the edge of the stage, encouraging the fans. Akuta dropped down into the crowd then called backstage for Sibilebashir’s vocalist Izumi who emerged with his hair full of party balloons. From there it dissolved into pure antics, matching the upbeat energy of the song. Akuta separated the crowd on either side of the venue with him and Izumi standing in the open space at the very middle. One of the balloons in Izumi’s hair popped and he pretended to be frightened, wrapping Akuta in a hug. Still hugging, Akuta counted down “3...2...1” and both sides of the audience ran towards each other, crashing together with both vocalists still in the middle. 
Sandwiched in the chaos, Akuta signalled to the rest of the band, who were looking on gleefully from the stage and they continued the song in that way as everyone jumped and waved towels around them. After Akuta returned to the stage, there was a brief pause for an MC as everyone caught their breath. 

The calm but catchy “Miss Unbalance” shone a brighter spotlight on the band’s technical skill. Opening with both guitars weaving together seamless melodies, Naruto’s catchy drum rhythm was enhanced by the rich bass scales and balanced by Akuta’s clear vocals. Chitose grabbed the center spotlight for an impressive solo as the crowd held their arms open wide in support. The band continued to build upon each other’s playing and Akuta added in extra vocalizations and inflections as the music got louder and louder, reaching a crescendo with rapidly flashing lights and then descending into sudden darkness as it ended.

The next song, “Isse no” had the whole room jumping from one side of the room to the next in time with the music. The room was all smiles and the band kept the crowd moving nonstop. Without pause, they followed with “Anata dake wo kowashite kazatte mitai”, the band’s latest release.

Multicolored lights flashed on the stage in time with the melodic guitars at the opening of the song. This performance showcased the way that the band managed to make each of the instruments and vocals resound clearly without anyone being overpowering or drowned out. Chitose, Shia and Nonaka Taku sang support during the chorus, adding to the richness of the sound. Just before the end, there was a sudden pause in the music. In the stillness, Chitose began playing quietly accompanied by flashing red lights which built up the music once again and carried it to the last note of the song. It ended abruptly, throwing the venue into silence again. 
Soft, blue light filtered onto the stage and the band stood still. In the dark, Chitose began to play slow, measured notes. Shia chimed in with rich chords and then as Naruto began the steady riff, they both moved into the main melody of “Toaru hoshizora no shita”. A warm orange light cut through the blue haze as Akuta started to sing. He swayed from side to side, almost like a puppet on a string, putting all his concentration into expressing the raw emotion of the song. A disco ball lit up overhead, showering the band and audience in a shower of light. 

“Ryuuseigun” drew the crowd back in to participate and helped to shake off the lingering heaviness from the previous performance. Everyone waved towels and swayed to the punchy rhythm. With the venue back in action, Chanty went a bit harder and heavier with “Zettai sonzai shoumeishou”. Fists pumped in the air, encouraged by the band members who moved to the end of the stage to engage the crowd more. Hair began to fly every which way during “m.o.b.” as everyone crouched over to headbang. Akuta’s voice provided a strong contrast to the heavier guitar riffs. Nearing the end, the band pushed themselves even harder. Faces were contorted with tension and shiny with sweat as they went all out. 

The final song “Inugoya yori ai wo komu” was a flurry of action and energy. The venue lit up bright and the crowd all chanted at the top of their lungs. When it was over, as soon as the last member of the band left the stage, the crowd began to chant for an encore. 

The band willingly obliged with a feel-good performance of “C” where the audience threw their hands up in the air, jumping from back to front. The final song of the night was "Akai Ito". It turned into a very cute performance when everyone chimed in and sang along with Akuta till the end. 

Hidoi Kao (ひどいかお)
Sorayomi (ソラヨミ)
Yannacchau (やんなっちゃう)
Miss Unbalance (ミスアンバランス)
Isse no (いっせーの)
Anata dake wo kowashite kazatte mitai (貴方だけを壊して飾ってみたい)
Toaru hoshizora no shita (とある星空の下)
Ryuuseigun (流星群)
Zettai sonzai shoumeishou (絶対存在証明証)
Inugoya yori ai wo komu (犬小屋より愛を込む)
EN1: C
EN2: Akai Ito (赤い糸)
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