Xaa Xaa - 3 Consecutive Single Releases + New Tours Announced

Continuing to keep themselves busy, Xaa Xaa has announced a few pieces of exciting news for their fans!

First, they will be release three consecutive-month singles starting in September. These singles will have the shared theme of "hopelessness".
The first single of the set is called Kamisori (カミソリ) and it will be on sale September 7. The second single is called Dosuguroi (どす黒い)  and it will be on sale October 5. The last single is called Yomei (余命) and it will be on sale November 2.

All three singles will come with A types and B types. The A types will come with 2 songs and a DVD with the single's MV. It will cost 1800 yen. The B types will just come with a CD with 2 songs and will cost 1200 yen.

In addition, they will embark on their first 2-man tour this September with DADAROMA, called Kazuki to Yoshiatsu (かずきとよしあつ). Below are the tour dates and venues:

09.04 - Fukuoka graf
09.05 - Takamatsu DIME
09.17 - Shinsaibashi Varon
09.19 - Sendai HOOK
09.21 - Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
09.22 - Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
09.24 - Ikebukuro EDGE (TOUR FINAL)

Lastly, Xaa Xaa will end 2016 and enter 2017 with another one-man tour to celebrate their 2-year anniversary. The tour is called Chimatsuri (血祭り)  and will start in December. Below are the dates and venues for this tour:

12.3 - Umeda Zeela
12.9 - Takamatsu DIME 
12.10 - Koichi BAY5 Square (BAY-B)
12.18 - Kobe Mersey Beat
12.20 - Fukuoka graf
12.23 - Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
12.24 - Sapporo SPIRITUAL LOUNGE
1.8 - Shinjuku LOFT (TOUR FINAL)

Source: OHP
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