Wagakki Band - First California Tour "Deep Impact" Announced

After their wildly successful US debut shows in NYC and SXSW, and their sold out spring tour in Japan, Wagakki Band will be returning to the United States for their first-ever west-coast performances and California tour!

This is a No. 1 band, folks. (The Daily Beast)

Wagakkiband will be back in the US this July for three shows in California as part of their US Tour Deep Impact. After their two overtly successful show in March, the first a capacity crowd at New York's Irving Plaza, followed by their debut at SXSW, these three Californian shows will continue the energy felt there. Not only did NPR list them as one of their top 100 bands from SXSW, Austin Chronicles recommended them  as they were the buzz of the festival. This announcement also comes on the heels of their April/May sold out tour of Japan.

Is there another band at SXSW that fuses traditional Japanese instruments – shamisen, shakuhachi, koto, and other things that originated in the 16th or even 8th century or earlier – with classic rock-and-roll style and Vocaloid pop novelty? If there is such a group, I don’t know about them yet; and anyway I doubt they’d display the ninja-level music skills and senses-galvanizing showmanship of WagakkiBand, the reigning superstars who are playing a single SouthBy gig on Friday at midnight. (Austin Chronicle, March 17, 2016)

Are you curious about what all the buzz is about or are you already a fan of the band? Tickets are on sale now. Check out the dates below!

Wagakki Band Tour Dates

Check out their tour trailer:

WagakkiBand fuse​ Shigin, poetry recitation rooted in Japanese traditional performing arts, Wagakki, traditional Japanese musical instruments, and rock music to bring a fresh and yet authentically Japanese live show. Their YouTube smash hit,“Senbonzakura” has over 40 million views and counting and their latest single, “Hangeki no Yaiba” is the theme song for the dTV original series of mega multimedia hit, “Attack on Titan.”

YASOUEMAKI is available in the US at iTunes, Spotify and other online stores.

Front woman Yuko Suzuhana is the champion of a nationwide Shigin contest. Backing Suzuhana are 7 members playing traditional instruments including Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Shamisen (3 string guitar like instrument), Koto (Japanese Harp), and Taiko (Japanese drum). They released their debut album Vocalo Zanmai in 2014, which hit Top 10 twice during a 22-week stay in the Top 100 of Japan's Oricon weekly charts while their video for "Senbonzakura" hit 10 million views within a few months of release. The video now boasts over 40 million views.

"This band stands out not only because of its great music but what it brings in presentation.....the crowd went nuts. WagakkiBand is a music act that you need to get into....There is nothing like it right now," (Otakus and Geeks of their Irving Plaza show)

Check out "Senbonzakura":

Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/wagae/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WagakkiBand
Album “Yasoemaki” is available on Spotify in US, Canada and Mexico

Source: AVEX Group Holdings, Inc. PR via Email
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