lynch. Releasing New Blu-ray & DVD "IMMORTALITY"!

June 15th is the date when you can hold lynch's new DVD or Blu-ray IMMORTALITY in your hands!
Which one to buy will probably be hard to choose since the Blu-ray version has some great special benefits!
But let's start with what's included in both:
You will get their live from November 22nd 2015 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL which was part of their DARK DARKER DARKNESS tour. Moreover, there will be a members' audio comment and 12 MVs (e.g. I BELIEVE IN ME, MIRRORS, LIGHTNING, BALLAD, NIGHT, EVOKE etc.).

If you buy the Blu-ray, you will also get a documentary of their live from November 22nd, another version of their MV for their song NIGHT, five different director's cut member versions of their song GREED played live and another member audio commentary about their live and their MV collection.

The DVD costs 5000 yen and you can get it from CDJapan (here).
If you want the Blu-ray, you can purchase it for 6296 yen on CDJapan (here) too!

Source: OHP

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