LAGLESS Releasing 1st Single + "Ending story" Full MV

Have you heard of LAGLESS already?
If not, then here is your chance to check them out!
They had their first live with this band name on May 15th. Before that day, they were still called REALIVE.
Something special about them is the fact that vocalist DOG. and guitarist Tsubasa are singing together!

Curious about their music now?
Well, you don't have to wait too long then because their 1st single Ending story will already be released on July 13th! It comes in two different types:

Limited Edition
1944 yen, including CD + DVD

1.Ending story
2.彼岸花 (higanbana)

Ending Story MV

Regular Edition
1620 yen, including CD only

1.Ending story
2.彼岸花 (higanbana)
3.misérable tears

Moreover, the full Ending story MV has been uploaded to their channel, so don't forget to watch it!

Source: OHP
Video Source: LAGLESS Official Youtube Channel @Youtube
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