KENZI (∀NTI FEMINISM) Announces 30th Anniversary Album

KENZI (THE DEAD POPSTARS & ∀NTI FEMINISM) releases his final album, celebrating his 30 years in music with his upcoming album KENZI Voice -My Exsintence Is Not Fxxk'n Fake-! From his work with Kamaitachi in the 90's to his most recent solo release Kansai Akuchi this April, along with all 7 of his bands, there will be 36 tracks and one live song. This 2-disc set showcases the 90's SISTERS NO FUTURE (who butchered the common sense of the music industry) and everything from KENZI's major (i.e. Kaiki! ! Dōbutsu ajitētā) and indies work. The bonus live song will be KENZI's first vocal live recording from when he was 20 years old! Kamatachi's popular song "KILLER" is also included. This set is a must-have for any visual kei fan!

KENZI Voice -My Exsintence Is Not Fxxk'n Fake- is limited to 500 copies, so pre-order yours on CDJapan!

KENZI Voice -My Exsintence Is Not Fxxk'n Fake- [Limited Release]

Source: CDJapan, Brand-X
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