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MEA, a visual kei band hailing from Indonesia, came together in 2010, and consists four members: vocalist Bare, guitarist Byu, bassist Steve and drummer Shen. Although they began in 2010, they didn't release original music until 2013 with the release of their first single Drop H[e]art. Later that same year, they released their 2nd single Kagami. Within a year of their musical debut, they released their first mini-album Revival (view below), and performed in Japan for their Through My Own Sins Tour in 2014, through Indonesia and Japan.

In January 2015, MEA joined Visual Unite's project VK DNA which involved the best international visual kei bands. The project produced a DVD featuring bands such as BaTAAR, Kerbera, DIE/MAY, and more. Just before 2015 saw its end, MEA released their 1st maxi-single REVIVALIZM on December, 2015, which was followed by their 2016 REVIVALIZM TOUR through Indonesia and Japan once again.

During the REVIVALIZM TOURMEA participated in Cure's Cure World Visual Festival on April 30, 2016 at Shinkiba STUDIO CAST. The show involved 30 visual keik bands from both Japan and overseas. After the tour, MEA released their 2nd Maxi Single ETERNITY, which was limited edition and was sold in Japanese store Like an Edison. MEA continue to-date as a completely self-produced band with their music compositions and artistic concepts.

Vo. Bare
Twitter: @Bare_MEA
Gt. Byu
Instagram: @byu_MEA
Twitter: @MEA_byu
Ba. Steve
Twitter: @MEA_Steve
Ds. Shen
Twitter: @Shen_MEA

You can purchase their first mini-album on "Revival" on iTunes!

1) Drop H[e]art
2) Kagami
3) Wish
*Purchase it on iTunes

Check out photos of MEA during their shows in Japan and more below:

MEA - Drop H[e]art Music Video:

MEA represents Indonesia at CURE WORLD VISUAL FESTIVAL
*Check out MEA at 04:35!

MEA Official Facebook Page
MEA Official Twitter
Tunecore Profile
Oricon Music Profile

Source: MEA Staff via Email
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