Your TOP 10 Releases of April 2016!

And here they are, your top 10 releases of April 2016!
Compared to the March results (here) there aren't any DVDs this time. However, singles, albums, digitial singles and EPs are all included!
Hopefully there are some surprises in the list too. And last but not least, thank you so much for voting everyone and see you again on June 1st for our May survey!


Once again we have three releases with the same amount of votes! One of them is THE BLACK SWAN's first full album OUSIA which is available since April 27th. For CD details, please click here.

9. GACKT - Last Moon [Album]

GACKT's 8th full album Last Moon seems to be very popular among voters too! Since April 27th you can buy it in two different types. Both are available at CDJapan: Limited Edition + Regular Edition.

9. Purple Stone - Kabuki-cho Butterfly (歌舞伎町バタフライ) [Single]

Kabuki-cho Butterfly (歌舞伎町バタフライ) is the title of Purple Stone's 4th single. It has been released on April 20th. You can still buy Type A and Type B on CDJapan, so don't forget to order it soon!

8. Royz - S.I.V.A [Album]

On April 6th, Royz' new album S.I.V.A has been released coming with eleven tracks on the limited edition and twelve songs on the regular one. Thanks to your love for the CD it reached rank 8!

7. MIYAVI - Afraid To Be Cool / Raise Me Up [Digital Single]

At the end of April (April 29th to be exact), MIYAVI released his new digital single Afraid To Be Cool / Raise Me Up! It's available on iTunes, so make sure you buy it there!

6. liraizo (リライゾ) - Ikuoku Mono Utsukushii Saku Hana wa Hito (幾億もの美しい咲く花は人) [Single]

Formed in 2014, liraizo (リライゾ) is one of the youngest bands in the top 10 this time! Their single Ikuoku Mono Utsukushii Saku Hana wa Hito (幾億もの美しい咲く花は人) has been released on April 6th. For only 1250 yen you can buy it from CDJapan.

5. ASAGI - Seventh Sense / Shikabane no Oja / Amupusai (Seventh Sense/屍の王者/アンプサイ) [Single]

It seems like you enjoyed D vocalist ASAGI's solo CD a lot! Seventh Sense / Shikabane no Oja / Amupusai (Seventh Sense/屍の王者/アンプサイ) got enough votes for the fifth rank! We wrote about it too, so please check out our article for release details!

4. MEJIBRAY - The End [Single]

MEJIBRAY's single Agitato GRIMOIRE only made it to rank five in our March 2016 voting. Luckily, their more sentimental release The End did a little better this time! You can get it in three different types: Limited Type A, Limited Type B and the Regular Edition.
Maybe they will finally make it to the top 3 next time?


Our bronze medal goes to A9 and their 2nd EP LIGHT AND DARKNESS! Since April 13th you're able to buy it for 2500 yen. Release details? Here you go!


With a few more votes than A9's EP, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST's mini-album ZēTēS made it to rank 2! We reported about it here, so check out our post for details! If you still want to buy it you should hurry because CDJapan only has a few copies left!

1. the GazettE - UNDYING [Single]

As everyone has probably guessed it already, the clear winner is the GazettE's single UNDYING! It's available since April 27th in two different types. You can still buy the limited, as well as the regular edition from CDJapan.

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