VOTING: What Are Your Favorite Releases of May 2016?

Are you ready for the next voting?
We want to know your favorite releases of May 2016! Your Top 10 votes will be published next week, so stay tuned!

- You can vote for singles, albums, mini-albums, EPs, digital releases, live-limited releases and DVDs.
- We might forgot some CDs or DVDs and if that's the case, please choose the last option and tell us the band name and title of the release. Your vote only counts if your choice has been released in May 2016 (May 1st - May 31st 2016)!
- The poll will be closed on June 7th 2:00 PM (EDT)!
- Choose one release, click on "send" and go back to choose another one!
- The list below is sorted alphabetically! Please look for the band you wish to vote for, not the name of the release.

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