SCREW to disband

BORN's announcement about their disbandment has already been very shocking but unfortunately, another PS COMPANY band took the exact same decision:
SCREW will have their last live on November 1st at TSUTAYA O-EAST. This show will also be their last performance of their tour called BREATHE ONE’S LAST BREATH which starts on July 22nd at Kumamoto B.9 V2.
Accoring to Jin's comment, they have started discussing the end of SCREW since the beginning of 2016. During ten years of activity, there were many difficulties to face but they are happy they came this far.
Moreover, their official fanclub "Siesta" will be dissolved at the end of October too.
The members thank their fans for their support and all the great memories! Please keep on supporting them until their last live!

Besides, Jin uploaded this video on his channel today. It includes details about their upcoming tour:

Source: OHP
Video Source:  SCREWジン OFFICIAL @Youtube
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  1. OMG Why, you've got to be kidding me, SCREW will disband, i can't accept this at all, but i shall thank them for the great music for 10 years, i hope they get to have a reunion concert soon.