Mana (Moi dix Mois) Talks About New Guitarist Ryux

Some time ago, visual kei band Moi dix Mois, the solo project of Mana (ex. MALICE MIZER), had announced a new guitarist joining the band. Ryux, who had been support for Moi dix Mois since 2014. was installed as an official member of the band earlier this year.

May 19, 2014, their guitarist K had suddenly passed away in his home, and Moi dix Mois postponed their activities until their performance at the Kubana Festival in Russia. During that performance, they debuted their song "BEAST SIDE", which was written in memory of K. On May 19th of this year, Mana had written a blog to reflect on those two years since K's passing as well as Ryux joining the band:

Second Anniversary of K's Death
        Honestly, even now I still don't know if these two years have passed quickly or slowly. That’s because he was a partner that has always been there for almost 10 years and then suddenly he was gone.  K-kun passed away, then about half a year later Ryux joined, and somehow we were able to push forward.  Ryux is like a brother and he’s also a pretty reliable guy. Even now, with the fans still not having fully sorted out their feelings, going on the stage for Moi dix Mois is bound to be extremely mentally tough.
        Even the chaotic times at lives when the afterimage of K floats through everyone’s minds, it feels like Ryux enjoys himself without being weighed down by that. Together with that wicked guy.* Of course, there are mixed feelings, but he can turn our sorrow into smiles. It’s been about a year and a half since Ryux joined us. I wanted to welcome Ryux, who has supported me to this day, with a group photo at the top of Moi dix Mois' homepage. (here) Although he can't be seen, I think the reborn Moi dix Mois has 6 people in the group photo.
        With this day etched into our hearts, we will take another step forward. K-kun will watch over us kindly with fierce pride in his wicked, feral eyes.** The group photo together with K-kun will remain in the profile column. K will forever be a member of Moi dix Mois.

Translator's Notes:  *Refers to the intimidating aura of the audience remembering K.
**Endearing reference to K

Source: Mana's Blog
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