REVIEW: DECAYS - "Veludo no Tori"

If you've never heard of DECAYS, it may be in your best interest to listen up. Started by DIR EN GREY guitarist Die last year, this band is already off to an intriguing start. And with their latest release, DECAYS shows it's softer, more ambient side. Veludo no Tori is a comfortably soft single that tickles the ears and relaxes the mind. Read on for more details.

Veludo no Tori Cover
"Veludo no Tori" is a melancholically relaxing track. The vocals are quite pleasing to the ear, thanks to their use of an interesting combination of harmonization and autotune. All of the lyrics are sung in English, and although a strong Japanese accent is prevalent, the steady tempo and vocal clarity of the track somehow make it much easier to understand than one would expect. The combination of acoustic guitars and violins on this track are especially pleasant to the ear. Overall, this track is captivatingly relaxing, and as someone who is very fond of excessively energetic tracks, that is not something that I say often.

DECAYS is off to an interesting start in general, and the release of this relaxing track only makes me more intrigued to see what other kinds of music this project will release in the future.  Die is a highly-talented and well-respected musician in the Japanese music industry, and the music released by DECAYS so far is a good reminder that musicians of his caliber have many sides and layers to their creative personalities. It's nice to see him show off other sides of that creative personality in DECAYS that we wouldn't necessarily see in the other music projects he's a part of. sukekiyo showed us that a band doesn't necessarily have to be heavy just because a member of DIR EN GREY is involved with it. With "Veludo no Tori", Die and DECAYS continue to drive that point home.

Special thanks to DECAYS for providing us with the material!
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