OFF-TOPIC: 10 Bands With One Female Member

Generally, women in visual kei are very rare to encounter. There are several all-female bands like exist†trace or Danger Gang, however, a line-up consisting of men and women is even more unusual.
Below, you can find 10 bands with one female member! Since we wanted our list to be more surprising, most female members are playing instruments only. It's easier to tell they're women when they are singing, so we tried not to include bands with female vocalists (there is one exception though).

1. ex.Matenrou Opera Keyboardist Karen

Matenrou Opera is probably one of the most well-known visual bands that once had a female member. Unfortunately, Karen left the band back in 2007, so shortly after they debuted. She has been replaced by Ayame.

2. 69 Bassist Saika

69 was a three member band that debuted back in 2009 and Saika was their only female member. They went on indefinite hiatus in 2011 and thus have been active for three years.

3. HexAglaM Keyboardist Alter Maria

Alright, we didn't really stick to our own rules here: Together with Alter Maria, there have been several female support members in the band for a while. However, compared to her the others have left again pretty soon. Currently, HexAglaM are on hiatus, so please follow their vocalist 誓薇†Sella on Twitter if you don't want to miss their comeback!

4. THE SOUND BEE HD Bassist You

THE SOUND BEE HD have a female member too: Bassist You. You can follow her on Twitter here.

5. ラジカルホテル (radical hotel) Bassist & Vocalist Tomimura Rhythm

Yes, Tomimura Rhythm is vocalist too. However, the band just debuted a few days ago, so hardly anyone knows already. Follow her on Twitter here and don't forget to read our ラジカルホテル (radical hotel) introduction post!

6. MirialD Drummer Regia

MirialD are currently on hiatus too. They have lost many members in the past few years, so only vocalist LAER and drummer Regia are left. Let's hope they will be back soon!

7. ex.GizeL Drummer Mar

Mar is member of リムキャット (rimcat) now (f.k.a. Reclens). Check out their OHP and listen to some of their songs!

8. RE:VEIN Bassist Aya

RE:VEIN debuted back in 2013. They are still active, so check out their OHP and follow Aya on Twitter!

9. Lustknot. Guitarist Shino

According to Shino's official blog, she is female too! Unfortunately, Lustknot. went on indefinite hiatus in 2014, so it's hard to tell if we will ever hear from them again.

10. Pan-d-ra Bassist MA-YA

Pan-d-ra are active since 2008 and their only female member is bassist MA-YA. Check out her Twitter account here.

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  1. There's also Rio, the bassist from Secilia Luna. But they are on hiatus since 2013.
    Well, it seems like when there is only one girl in a visual kei band, she has a high probability of beeing the bassist Oo.