DECAYS wrapped up their first tour TOUR2016 PINK=FLORID with a dynamic, crowd pleasing show at Shinjuku ReNY on April 9th. 

The show began in a flurry of bright spotlights and pulsing beats as the members entered the stage one by one to the cheers and screams of the audience. First out was DJ and keyboardist Chidony, then drummer Kashiyama Kei, violinist Ayasa, bassist G. Terrence, vocalist/guitarist Nakamura Ataru and finally vocalist/guitarist Die

Without further ado, the lights began flashing blue and green and the band kicked off with the first song “Aesthetics of the transgression”. The crowd instantly began waving their arms, spurred on by Chidony’s rapid fire rapping into the mic. The song was upbeat with a catchy chorus. Die sang most of the song with Nakamura Ataru adding her strong vocals during the bridge. 

They continued to crank up the energy and continued immediately with “Zero Paradise”. The entire audience was equipped with bracelets that were synchronized to flash and glow a myriad of colors, adding to the atmosphere. During the song’s instrumental break, Nakamura Ataru and Die faced each other in the center of the stage, headbanging and facing off with their guitars. The next song “NOVA SPIRAL” had a strong bass and drumline that had the audience swinging and swaying their bodies to the beat. Die and G. Terrence sang in harmony and their vocals blended well. 

When the song ended, there was a long enough pause for the crowd to go wild, calling out their favorite members over and over. Contrasting red and green lights illuminated the stage for “Dry” and Kashiyama Kei began pounding out a heavy beat that resounded through the room. Despite the song’s slow pace, the distinct instrumentals along with the harmony of Die and Nakamura Ataru’s voices made it a solid performance. The crowd kept still, eyes on the stage in rapt attention.  

There was a breath of silence at the end, then Die took over vocals completely for “Kirei na Yubi (綺麗な指). His soft and deep toned voice complimented the mellow vibe of the song and he showed off more of his guitar skills with a melodic solo. “Emotion in Motion” switched over to Nakamura Ataru on vocals, showcasing her flawless English and more of her rich vocals. They seamlessly transitioned into “Imprisonment Leaving”, bringing the energy back to upbeat rock with both vocalists sharing the song. Then there was an instrumental break where the entire band went all out on their respective instruments bringing the music to an intense crescendo before ending. 

Finally the band paused for an MC and Die thanked the crowd for coming. He pointed out that the member lineup had changed since their December 24th live last year. First was Violinist Ayasa who went from a guest to a regular member. 

 Next was their new vocalist Nakamura Ataru who opened her arms and tipped her head back regally, soaking up the cheers from crowd. She announced the next song “Veludo no Tori (ビロードの鳥)”, saying that it matched perfectly with the transience of the sakura season. An electronic beat pulsed through the venue and glittery white lights bounced off the disco ball overhead. Die and G. Terrence sang together then they were joined by Ayasa’s violin, creating a captivating and wistful melody. It was further enhanced by the lights changing to the orange and purples of a sunset. 

 When it was over, there was a moment’s pause, then Ayasa grabbed the spotlight with a breathtaking solo, making her violin sing a slow, alluring melody. Die’s guitar came in with gentle scales and then the rest of the instruments completed the music. The performance of “beautiful” was true to its name. Nakamura Ataru’s singing was skillfully laced with emotions and the lights and music gradually built up, peaking with Die’s guitar solo. 

 “after beautiful” jolted the venue back to high energy as the band whipped themselves into a frenzy on stage. The crowd pumped their fists and cheered until most of the members exited the stage. Chidony was left on stage and he began working the scratch discs and got the crowd fired up. Their bracelets flashed a rainbow of colors that matched the flashing lights. The atmosphere was like a party at a club. Kashiyama Kei came back and joined in, adding a catchy drum riff. The rest of the band returned and jumped in one by one until it was a full-blown jam session. 

 From this point, DECAYS kept the energy high and the crowd moving. The punchy guitar riffs and rhythm of “Que Sera Sera (ケセラセラ) had the venue jumping and waving, ending with a bang. It was followed by “Secret mode” and it was impossible to keep still. The melodies of “Ai to Ai wo Nokosazu... (愛と哀を遺さず…)” were enhanced by Ayasa’s violin playing, adding extra depth to the lively song. “D・D” was the last song and it ended the set on an amazingly fun note. The crowd let loose even more, dancing freely amidst the lights. The members moved around the stage, pairing up and playing together.

 When it ended and the band left the stage, the cheering quickly evolved into screams for an encore. They didn’t make the crowd wait too long and soon they were back. Die thanked the crowd for the encore and said that he really wants to keep doing activities as DECAYS. Nakamura Ataru confessed that they had only had about 4 practices together but they were able to create strong bonds between them and make great music. 

 The fans were treated to a special acoustic arrangement of “Red tide”. Kashiyama Kei played a small drum and sat in between Nakamura Ataru and Die who each had an acoustic guitar that was layered with the violins, piano and bass. Red lights filled the room and it had a very raw and organic feel and it was one of the most impressive performances of the night.

 There was one more MC where Die confessed that even though he arranged the acoustics for “Red tide”, he kept forgetting it during the practice. Nakamura Ataru teased him for that much to the amusement of the crowd. 

 Then it was all systems go until the end with “Where are you going” and “ラナ 〜from Future Boy〜”. The crowd and band gave their all, feeding off each other’s energy and making the last performances dynamic and fun. The music lingered at the end and the audience couldn’t stop screaming their appreciation. 

 The band members lined up and each person got the chance to say a few words. For members like G. Terrence and Ayasa, it was their first time talking during the show but they did their best to convey their gratitude towards the fans. 

 Despite their varied musical backgrounds, the members all respected and were grateful to each other and because of their different experiences thus far, they were able to craft DECAYS into a truly unique band with fun and electrifying performances. Although they’ve had less than a year together, DECAYS with frontman Die have already proven themselves to be a powerhouse band to watch out for.

1. Aesthetics of the transgression
2. Zero Paradise
4. Dry
5. Kirei na Yubi (綺麗な指)
6. Emotion in Motion
7. Imprisonment Leaving
8. Veludo no Tori (ビロードの鳥)
(Violin Solo)
9. beautiful
10. after beautiful
11. Boon Companion
12. Que Sera Sera (ケセラセラ)
13. Secret mode
14. Ai to Ai wo Nokosazu... (愛と哀を遺さず…)
15. D・D

16. Red tide (acoustic)
17. Where are you going?

18. ラナ 〜from Future Boy〜

 Special thanks to DECAYS and staff for making this live report possible!

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