Introducing: BABY I LOVE YOU + 1st CD Release

Isn't this a wonderful band name? Well, they definitely are making sure the first impression is a good one! Below, you can find a short song sample helping you to decide whether to keep an eye on them or not, but let's start with some details first:
BABY I LOVE YOU will be having their first live on May 20th at Ikebukuro BlackHole. A few months later, on August 3rd, you can finally listen to the first songs of their release eMiLy ~one's mind~!
It comes in two different types:

Type A
3240 yen, including CD + DVD
Pre-order @CDJapan

01. No one is immortal
02. Eternal
03. Withering color
04. Tears in...
05. Dearest 「pain」
06. L.O.S.T

No one is immortal MV

Type B
1620 yen, including CD only
Pre-order @CDJapan

01. Dearest 「pain」
02. Eternal
03. L.O.S.T

Members are:

Vocalist KANADE
Twitter / Blog

Guitarist SOMALI

Bassist RIO
Twitter / Blog

Drummer SELLA
Twitter / Blog

Official Twitter
Official Youtube

Source: OHP
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