Former The♡Valentine. Bassist Manew Arrested for Licensing Violations

On April 16th, former The♡Valentine. Bassist Manew (Shou Yamaguchi) has been arrested for licensing violations.
He is the manager of host club Bar Velu located in Ikebukuro near venue BlackHole.
After officers raided the place, it turned out that the male staff members entertaining female guests didn't have valid licenses under the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses. The police had no choice but to arrest Yamaguchi who already admitted to the allegations.
The bar, with most employees being active visual kei band members, had it's opening in February 2015 and has collected 20 million yen in revenue ever since.

Source: The Tokyo Reporter, TBS News
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  1. I believe his name is Sho (just 翔) not Shogo.

  2. Other websites translated it "Shogo", but you're right, Shou seems more accurate.