OFF-TOPIC: VKH Readers' Release of the Month!

Starting on April 1st, VKH Press wants to introduce a new monthly article series to you!
And as the title already suggests, we need your help to do it!
At the end of every month we want you to vote for your favorite release. It doesn't matter if it's a single, album, DVD or live-limited CD, as long as it has been released within a certain month.

At the beginning of April you are able to vote for your favorite release of March 2016. Our poll will be open for seven days and afterwards we will publish your top 10 choices!

You can find a list of all March releases here. If something is missing, please let us know in the comments!

Details, voting rules and survey will be up in a few days, so look forward to it!
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  1. My favourite release of the year so far is the new LiphLich album, but that came out in February, so it just misses out!

  2. We probably do a Readers' Release of the year at the end of 2016 too, so you still have a chance to vote for it ;)