OFF-TOPIC: Visual Artists' English Tweets!

It's a matter of fact that most visual kei musicians barely speak English. Since that's the case we usually feel very delighted if some of them are at least trying to express themselves in another language. And sometimes, this is very entertaining too!
Most of those tweets are extremely hilarious, not just because of all the grammar and spelling mistakes (it often turns out their English actually isn't as bad as they think it is) but also because of the actual content! On the other hand, English texts with very deep and sad meanings exist too.
I looked up some of those tweets for you. Make sure you retweet and favorite the ones you like and maybe some artists feel encouraged to interact more with their foreign fans!
If you still know other interesting English tweets, please leave a link in the comments!

メルヴェル (melvel) Drummer Hyouga

That's the spirit!

IGGY Guitarist JOE

It's always good to hear visual bands are into each other's music!

Rides In ReVellion Vocalist KuRo

Sounds great, don't you think?

ex.Paradeis Vocalist Mashiro

That's true.

DADAROMA Bassist Tomo

If it's good or not shouldn't be criterion to celebrate Tomo's birthday!


ex.RIZ Guitarist Mitsu


LIPHLICH Vocalist Kuga

Now that's the kind of promise foreign fans love to hear!

VETIQUE Drummer Yusuke

Good to know that!

Blu-BiLLioN Guitarist mag

Most visual artists don't speak English. But most seem to know how to swear anyway.

THE EGOIST Guitarist Akina

Proves the point made before.


Wow! Even French!

Nihilizm Guitarist Mike

Best for last.

Today is Mike's birthday, so make sure you congratulate him!

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